Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Did better Kino sat

I'm about to go to bed but I wanted to write a brief report on Saturday.  I watched about two hours of videos to help me get focused on kino and escalating more.  I found this really good video from the 21 Convention series that explained thing really well.  I also went back to the old RSD Transformations and Ozzie's stuff about "running the train."

I went out with no cheat codes.  The momentum from the past 3 days meant I didn't have any problems getting started.

I can tell I need more practice as I was awkward at times.  I did kino more.  I pulled one girl onto the dance floor.  Another, I opened by the dance floor, and then I moved her to the bar and was trying to set up a kiss close.

I was frustrated at the end that I didn't make anything solid happen, but I realized that if I had been doing this much even just the three days prior, I might actually have gotten laid.

I even had a decent set going with this 6'3" swimmer girl.

It's going to be a hectic next few weeks.  I ran into an old wing/promoter friend who I'm calling "Disney" now.  That was on Friday.  I found out that he now has a place in MN and he works there during the week.  Coincidentally, I already had planned to go up there this upcoming week to pick up 12 cases of beer that I won from a brat contest.  Now, I'm going up a day earlier (leaving in like 10 hours) so I can sarge with him.  Then, I'm doing a pizza challenge with this eater I know up there, and then I'll go sarge again.

It's interesting how I now have 4 friends up in Minneapolis and another one I met through competitive eating is moving up there next summer.

Last week and these MN outings need to prepare me for solo sarging in Cleveland this weekend.  Then, I'll be in FL and will really need to solo sarge.

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