Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hitting up colleges in Sept and feeling young

I haven't been posting much obviously.  I didn't go out that often this summer as competitive eating filled up my life.  Now that the season has died down a bit, I've been able to go out more: tonight was the third day I went out in a row.  I went on two road trips with Seagull in September where I hit some eating contests and then we hit the several college towns.  We hit up University of Delaware, University of Connecticut, Penn State, and Michigan State.  I think we'd both agree that Delaware had the a ridiculous amount of hot girls walking around there.  The hottest girl I saw out of those 4 schools was in a bar at U Conn: a really tall, amazing blonde.

I felt young again at Delaware:
That night out with Seagull was a good way to get back into the game.  Again, I hadn't been out much and despite being tired from the long drive and knowing I had to get up early for a mushroom contest the next day, we still went out.  I remember tapping on this girl on the dance floor.  She looked over and just decided to start grinding her ass on my crotch.  That felt good and I had to giggle about how I can still get college girls at my age.  I tried to escalate that interaction more and so did Seagull with his girl from that set, but we couldn't make anything more happen.  I thought it was weird though that this girl is grinding her ass on my hard on and then having a conversation with her friend at the same time.

The bars closed early there (1am).  Seagull was working some set and I was stuck outside.  I was glad to get to the car and drink a ton of bottled waters.  The bar was so hot that my shirt was completely soaked with sweat.  I was a bit self conscious about that but of course it didn't matter.  Seagull opened this set in front of a pizza place and I started talking to this petite 18 year old coed.  Seagull thought she was too thin, but I remembered she was really cute and we were having an amazingly deep conversation.  The friends eventually did have to leave.

This is where I was a dumb ass because I was out of practice.  I didn't even try to go with them.  I remember her saying she had to go and we held eye contact and then I just let her walk off.  If I just asked if I could go with, I'm almost certain she would have agreed.  Now, I probably wouldn't have gotten laid because I was out of practice, but the opportunity was there.

You're so hot:
There were some other interesting stories from when we went out at UConn and Penn State but I don't want to write it all out.  That weekend worked out well in the food contest department and I had a quick break into sarging.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go out regularly after that.

A few weeks later, we went to the Detroit area for a food contest.  We stopped Michigan State on the way home in East Lansing.  I celebrated my birthday at midnight in some bar there.  I went with the cheat codes and was feeling out of state for most of the night.

We left the venue before closing time and starting doing street sets.  Getting those quick and successive rejections really gets me into a good state, amazingly enough.  One would doesn't sarge would think I'd lose state and feel down from all the rejection but it has the opposite effect.  Tyler would say I built momentum from the constant opening.

I remember seeing this blonde walking toward me and I just decided I was going to open her confidently.  She surprised me by making eye contact and then stopping.  I had a few other sets stop but this could have been a birthday lay with just a little more persistence.

I was having escalation problems and even after this, I've been having problems.  This was always a big sticking point and every time I've fixed it, I started to get make outs and lays, like one would think I should be getting.  This set was a breakthrough set because I just manned up and pulled her close to me.

I remember Tyler talking about how sometimes girls would tell him how hot he was even though he admits he's not good looking.  This girl was saying ridiculous stuff to me in the same way.  First, when she found out how old I was, she was telling me about how her roommate was supposedly banging some older guy and she seriously said she was kind of jealous because she wanted to be with an older guy.  Later on, she kept telling me how hot I was.

I'm decent looking but I realize that it was my confidence and all the other stuff I was doing right that made her say these things.  I also realized it was what Tyler said about how drunk girls will sometimes say stuff like this out loud.  Other girls think this but don't say it.

"You're single tonight."  
I was actually trying to be persistent in creating reasons to go to her place.  Later, I tried to go for the kiss and she pulled back.  She told me she had a boyfriend.  This wasn't the blow off line as she was clearly attracted, but she seriously had boyfriend and started to feel guilty about it.

I remember her saying, "I can't kiss you.  You're hot but I have a boyfriend.  You'll have no problem finding another girl tonight."

I let go of her hand and she was about to walk away and then I said, "Hey, you're single tonight."

I'll always remember my surprise when she turned back after I said that.  She had thought about what I said and wanted to go along with it.

Then I fucked up and didn't persist shortly after that.  Seagull had a good point that I could have just said that I'd walk her home.  That's the old "baby steps" technique.  The next step was to walk her home and I could work on getting invited in at that point.  Instead I kept thinking how insurmountable it seemed to be to get up to her place and have sex that I just gave up.  Dumb.

I felt alive again:
Yes, I screwed up, but I'll forever remember this birthday night.  It could have been more memorable with a birthday lay and it was possible that night.  Still, I have to feel good that this college girl was so close to cheating on that boyfriend and hooking up with me.  I just lacked the experience in late game maneuvering.

I'll remember the night because I stepped up.  I actually escalated and manned up.  I got reminded of how it feels to bring the girl close and have us gaze into each others eyes.  I felt the sexual tension that build up between us and I can't believe I went so long without feeling that.

I thought I'd have no problem escalating the next time I went out, but the 10 day gap after that meant the lesson didn't fully stick.

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