Saturday, October 18, 2014

An escalation away

I had some amazing sets after the college that probably should have been more and could have been lays but somehow I couldn't integrate my birthday lesson.  As recently as two days ago, I failed to escalate.  It's really fucking frustrating that I could be stuck at this point again.

Today, I really did step up a lot more than I have been.  I feel like I'm so close.  It also helped that I saw Crazyfoot open a girl, make out with her quickly, and then pull her out of the bar.  I'm almost certain he got laid.  Seeing that in person again made me realize again that what I want to happen isn't really that hard.

I can tell I'm close and hopefully I'll remember tonight's lessons and really have a good night on Saturday.  I felt compelled to write so that maybe that would help me internalize the lessons.

I can say that I'm so much more confident that I used to be.  I feel like my game is coming together but again, I'm just lacking this newbie escalation problem.  I fixed it in the past, and I know I'll fix it soon.  This time I might really start to live the PUA lifestyle that I always sought.  I say this because this time, so many aspects of my game have improved.

I've been opening confidently and I'm not being as intimidated by some of the girls that I would have been in the past.  It still happens occasionally, but I've been calming talking to tall girls and girls that are totally my type.

I don't claim to be close to figuring out "the game" yet.  There's so much to learn.  I think if I get this escalation problem fixed, I'll have much more opportunities to get to late/end game.  I'll also get lays just because I'll be getting to late game more often, even though I'll inevitably screw up there.

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