Saturday, August 3, 2013

It feels good to try to escalate: Last Saturday

I neglected to write my report from last Saturday.  I just wrote about that flying beer bottle.  In terms of sarging, my main memory was opening this lone wolf at the after hours.   It turned into a two set when her sister came in and I ended up deciding to try to go for the sister.  It turned out to be a mistake because from what Seagull told me, I probably would have clicked more with the original girl had I stayed with her.  She was more of the intellectual type, and I prefer that, but I never got to experience that side of her.  She just didn't seem as fun as the sister at the time so I went for the sister.

I moved the sister to the dance floor even though I didn't want to do it at the time.  I'll give myself credit for making the right move even though I was reluctant to do it.  You just have to force yourself to do stuff sometimes even though you'd rather not.  I remember G telling me years ago that when he was faced with doing things right with hots girls: like having to be really alpha and leading, he'd make himself do it even though he didn't really want to do it.

I got her on the dance floor.  I was a bit hesitant to try to escalate.  That was a mistake.  It's smoother when you just trust yourself and go for it.  Still, I went for slow escalation but she ended up rejecting me.  That sucked at the moment because she pulled off me and jumped on some other guy that she found more attractive at that moment.  Still, I knew that it was the right move.  I don't go out to be a dance partner for a few hours standing a few feet away from the girl.  I've done that far too many times to know it doesn't lead to anything.

Despite being a bit stung by the rejection (hey, I'm human), I knew it was for the best.  I know the pain would have been greater had I not tried to escalate.  I really do regret not going for the right moves more than getting rejected at this point.  In the heat of the moment, though, I sometimes don't feel that way, but I need to remember references like this to push me to try my best in the face of discomfort or a desire to protect my ego/ practice state control.  

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