Saturday, August 3, 2013

How a few feet or seconds can change your life

I've added a new story to the stuff I say in set.  Seagull and I were at Barleycorn in Wrigley last week when we almost got hit by a bottle.  Some asshole drunk had chucked a bottle upstairs in the dance floor area for whatever reason.  We noticed because I felt a splash of beer and heard a bottle crash on the floor.  It missed us by just a few feet.  Seagull later said he had a shitty night and I told him we had to put things in perspective.  We had a good night because we missed getting hit by that bottle; also we had pushed hard in most of our sets.  I probably would have had to go to the ER for stitches or for a concussion had that bottle hit me in the head.  My week would have sucked for sure had that happened.

I think about how I almost got t-boned a few years ago by a drunk.  I stopped at this stop sign for a few seconds longer than I normally would have when this car barreled through the intersection at far above the 25 MPH speed limit.  I have often forgotten that lesson since then, but it's a good reminder of how I should remember how lucky I have been at time in my life.  I might have died or be disabled from that accident had I not stopped a few seconds longer.  T-bone accidents can cause serious injuries especially when your in a car like mine that doesn't have side air bags.

Seagull and I also have been in his car on two different occasions where we almost got hit by a car spinning out of control on the expressway.  Again, how different our lives could have been.  

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