Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good with the complicated, bad with two key skills

I write this thinking that the analysis will help me feel better.  As I'll soon write, I feel so frustrated in that I'm failing to close because of some simple failures that guys with no skills wouldn't screw up.  I'm not talking about total BAFC's who can barely talk to a girl, but just guys who could get a ONS at one point in their life just by trying to make it happen. 

As I've written far too often I keep screwing up escalation.  RSD Alex, I believe, says that the key point is to just be the type of guy that makes moves.  I can't seem to go for a kiss close.  I can say that I'm not totally back where I started with this problem in that if I'm face to face with the girl and she's gazing into my eyes and we're in isolation and have created some connection, I'll go for it.  Seagull describes my problem right when he said that you don't always have to wait for that "movie" type moment where it's on to go for it. 

This is back to Alex's point.  I know it too.  I just have to go for the kiss closes and I know the theory is that even if it gets rejected, as long as you aren't affected by the rejection, you actually create attraction by having gone for the move.  I just need to get the girl close and go for it.

So, I'm being a little hard on myself when I beat myself up for having problems with escalation.  Many guys suffer from this.  The other skill is that I just don't make the final move.  To go the old football analogies, I had a moment where I was near the end zone, and I didn't even throw the pass to a possibly open receiver even though I had created a good route.

I'll explain more in my actual field report, but I didn't actually try to get up to this girls hotel room.  I asked about the view from the room as I knew I could try that excuse as a reason to go up, and then I just let the set end by trying for a lame number close and letting her walk inside. 

I'm frustrated because this is an area for guys with shitty or no skills would have at least made an attempt. 

On the bright side, I really do have a lot of difficult skills internalized.  I make myself open and I'll approach the hottest girls.  I really can keep myself in a positive state.  I didn't write the field report for Friday yet, but the night started off with me forgetting my ID and having to waste an hour to go home and get it.  I didn't even get that pissed and came back in a good state.  I'm getting better at forcing myself to do dance floor game.  I've gotten back to getting confident with street sets.  Friday and Saturday's field reports involve girls I opened on the street in front of the club. 

I know there's a lot of stuff that I really do write but I can't help but feeling frustrated with my current sticking points.  As I'll explain, I could have just hooked up with one of my dream fetish type girls with just a little better moves...

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