Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FR Sat: Solo warmup leads to solid night

I had a good night Saturday and the only thing that I might have done better was to try to push one particular set to a pull despite likely bad logistics. I started out solo as I didn't hear from G, and all my RSD guys, including my main wing 2j, were at Hot Seat. I got to Wrigley and found a parking spot right away. I sat in the car for 10 minutes surfing the net on my phone and then I finally decided I wasn't gonna be stupid and sit there. I haven't done any solo gaming in a long time and I know that it would be good to push myself to do some. Besides, trying warm ups solo is way better than just sitting in the car waiting.

The first bar I walked into, I ended up standing around for 10 minutes doing nothing. When I don't take action for that long in a venue, I find it easier to just reboot myself by leaving and going somewhere new. I forced myself to open some sets immediately upon entering the second venue. After talking to two different sets, I found myself feeling good and excited about being out.

Quick kiss close:
In the 4th venue, I passed by this pale girl and just pulled her into me. From the way we maintained eye contact, I could just tell that it was on. Her situation was perfect too: she had just moved to Chicago a few weeks ago to start a new job. She hasn't really seen much of the city and sounded excited as I talked about all these interesting restaurants and other spots. She likes food and travel.

I asked her to sit down, and I could tell she wanted to kiss me. I was exercising what Tyler described in his "Physical Game" video. Instead of immediately going for the kiss, I just held the tension. As he describes in the video, the dynamic was different from times in the past when I knew or suspected the girl wanted to kiss me and I held back because I was afraid to do so. I finally kissed her briefly and of course, she wanted it. I pulled it back right away but we'd kiss 2 more times while talking there. Later, I remember there being a pause in the conversation. It was time to kiss and I just looked into her eyes, and she couldn't take the tension and leaned in to kiss me.

There was a break as I text 2j. He was meeting me but I hadn't responded since I was in the set so he was next door. I told him to come meet me here as my girl had several friends at the venue including this cute Asian girl. There was break here when 2j came and my girl went to talk to some other friends. She was in a big set of several college friends.

2j and I hung out at the venue for awhile. I kept asking him whether the move was to try to pull her or to just continue the night. It seemed like a solid Day 2 possibility. Ultimately, I decided to not push for the pull. The reasons that the pull seemed difficult are: she was in a big group of friends and they were all around 21-22 (these younger sets are less likely to let their friends be pulled, unlike late 20's+ girls who will often just let it happen). I would add that I threw out some feelers about grabbing food or hanging out after. She said she wasn't hungry and she said we could hang out again on another day. While those two responses were normal, they also indicated that this wasn't a situation where the girl was gonna make it super easy to be pulled.

On the other hand, part of me knows I need pulling practice. What stuck in my head too is that I went to the dance floor to tell her I was going to check out this other club. She must have thought I asked her to go to Barleycorn as she paused for a second to think about it and then said she should probably stay here with her friends. That pause means that I probably could have moved her around that bar, made out with, and then pushed her to go to the other club. If I got the veneu change and hung out with her till close, I might have gotten the pull to her place.

I settled for taking using the phone number (which I took shortly after I first kissed her) and trying to set up a Day 2.

Solid number close:
We were walking around the huge dance floor at the other venue. I had several sets that I just massively hooked. This one girl, I just walked by and pulled into me. It's amazing how when I'm in state (heck, I'd even say, this happens when I'm just not in a shitty state), I can just go up to girls at will and get strongly positive reactions. I'll pull the girl in and the eye contact will be strong and I can tell that at that initial opening, she wants me. Of course, it's easy to lose that feeling by doing something low value or other stuff happening. Still, it's something that I only began to experience regularly as my game really started improving at the end of summer.

I ended up number closing this one girl. I had asked her logistical questions. She was with a girl and a gay friend and she said they were going to Berlin (this gay club near by). I took her number because we had interesting conversation. She's interested in travel and international events. I text her and she's been responding more enthusiastically than the girl I actually kissed that night. Strange how that works.

No after hours:
As I mentioned, I had some other strong sets while I was out but nothing really materialized from them. I had definitely built momentum from the awesome Free Tour speech and from going out since Wednesday. 2j hates doing after hours nowadays. I could have gone out solo, but I was tired from having run 10 miles Saturday and from going out Wed-Sat so I was happy to call it a night. Besides, I had a good evening already.

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