Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Return of G and Inspiration

The Free Tour definitely motivated G. He came out to the Chicago Art District event late but he started strong. He had text me but I didn't notice the text and by the time we ran into him, he had already opened. I had to wait an hour until I opened. I'm always in beast mode at the bar or club but I still have a hard time in day game situations. After we met up with G, I saw him open and it made me want to open more.

I'll also add that G and I talked about committing to running the marathon next year. I plan on doing a holding pattern with my runs through winter. I've build up to where I'm running 5 milesx3 days a week and doing a long run. My long run has been at 8 miles but I decided to kick it up to 10 miles today. I still have to figure out how much indoor running I can handle. If I just run at least 20 miles a week during winter, though, I'll be in good shape to ramp up my training in Spring.

At the club, I got into two longer sets with 2j. Unfortunately, his roommate had decided to come out. The guy is okay, but he's a drag to 2j when we're out sarging. When it's just 2j and I, or if the extra people are community guys or naturals, 2j is usually in state and ready to hit sets hard. When his roommate comes out, he used it as an excuse to dick around doing nothing. Ideally, I should just run off and do my own things but there is a specific instance when I get annoyed. I told G and 2j I was opening this nearby set and I'd need a wing. I was in the set for awhile and nobody came. I ran over and grabbed 2j and bitched at him for dicking around. He came and winged and we had a long set.

I had this other long set that I maybe should have stayed in a bit longer. I had this short girl hooked. Vinny had come in to wing me but he disappeared a few minutes into the set and I could tell the friend was getting bored. I pulled 2j in and he talked but then just stood there. He tried and I know sometimes you just don't click with a girl. When that happens to me when I'm wining, I'll just steamroll them with stories or other material.

There were a few other sets I hooked really strongly at the beginning but to no avail.

Later, I did some quick street game near Division. I had some brutal bust outs as I really wasn't in state but was forcing myself to do the approaches. 2j tried to advice me on how to claw moving sets properly. I told him that the problem wasn't that I didn't know how to do it, the problem was that I really didn't want to open, but at the last second, I'd force myself and that's why I was doing it wrong.

Anyway, I can tell my game as built momentum from Wednesday-Friday, and I'm pushing myself harder after being inspired by the free tour. Tonight, I'm gonna try sober sarging and I'm going to continue to both push hard and try to enjoy myself.

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