Friday, October 14, 2011

I know you, from the lair...

There are two PUA lairs in the Chicago area. I should actually join one as both groups organize free PUA talks throughout the year. While I'm sure the talks are not as polished as the RSD free tour, I'm equally sure that they have inspirational value. That being said, I probably have avoided joining because Herschey used to invite these guys he met through the lair. The guys he invited out were all guys that stood around and did nothing. 2j says that many of the lair guys are creepy. Of course, there are cool guys in the lair as well. Occasionally, with Herschey in the past, we've run into some of the guys randomly and I've met 2-3 really cool guys.

Yesterday, I had a reminder experience about the creep factor of lair guys. 2j and I were out sarging in Lincoln Park. 2j said there was a lair event out, and of course so were a bunch of people from the RSD free tour, and we actually saw the Tyler boot camp out as well. I opened this 2-set on the dance floor using pure dance floor moves. The one girl seemed into me, but the other girl busted me out. Some dude saw me and he stopped me as I walked by.

Guy: (Some gibberish I couldn't hear.)
Me: Huh?
Guy: I know you.
Me: ?
Guy: I know you from lair.
Me: I was at the RSD free tour.
Guy: No the lair.
Me: (2j was next to me so I figured this guy might have recognized 2j). I'm not in the lair, but he is. This is 2j.

2j talked to him for a few seconds. 2j immediately told me how weird and creepy the guy was. He said he didn't know him and also that the guy said he wanted to watch follow us and watch us sarge.

On the one hand, I sympathize with chodes/AFC's as I was a massive one myself. I always truthfully say that I often started at a level well below many of these awkward newbies that I know or have met. This was just a reminder of why I've been avoiding the lair. I know the guy just wanted to find wings or improve his game, but as this point I'm not gonna waste my time. I have great wings already and I don't feel the desire to train up someone unless I think they are cool or offer some sort of value. This guy just felt like a value sucking leech.

The solution, of course, is that I should just join the lair and go with 2j to the events and just blow off all the creepers.

Tyler actually made a good free tour post about lairs. Below is his video "Tyler Dishes Dirt on PUA Lairs." He explains what a newbie should do if he wants to meet the best people in the lairs.

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