Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spent a car ride with Jeffy/Jlaix

I suppose this deserves it's own post. 2j and I picked up Jeffy and his assistant at the airport. 2j is hosting the assistant and they needed a ride so 2j asked me if I could do it. I live by the airport anyway and always go down to the city to sarge with 2j so it was on the way. Besides, I figured it would be cool to spend some time with one of the big RSD guys.

I didn't bombard him with questions like some guys would do. I know so much theory that I actually don't have any specific questions that can help me. I have to improve by doing more field work, leading more, pushing my comfort levels, and gaining reference experiences and calibration from all that. If I can't figure out how to analyze what happened (and that happens mostly with late game/pulling situations), I ask 2j or post on the forums. Even if I had a ton of questions, I wouldn't have bothered him with them. So guys treat these PUA guys like just objects who can dispense pickup knowledge.

It actually surprised me that the conversation turned towards game for a bit. I figured that they'd want a break from game since they are gonna have a full weekend of free tour, boot camp, hot seat, etc. I suppose it's like when I've hung out with poker people. I'd naturally start talking about poker and I suppose it's natural that PUA's end up talking about some aspect of sarging. We all got into this because we love women and sarging, after all.

Jeffy is about what I expected. What you see on video is basically what you get. Keep in mind that I only spent a 20 minute car ride with him. I didn't get to see the man in action, but I'm sure I'll see them out in the field at some point. I ran into the boot camp back in April as well and I know on Thursdays that they go to where we normally go out.

The one thing I will say is that you realize he's just a normal guy that just happens to have put a lot of field work into sarging and has turned into a master PUA and PUA guru. Tyler has always said that they are just regular guys who put hard work to become good at what they do.

Of course, out in the field, they are larger than life. They are getting success with women that I always dreamed about. Realizing that they are regular guys does make you realize that with enough work, we can all improve as well. I don't expect to get to their level, but I know I can surpass where I am. Just this year, I've progressed so much and I've been a part of crazy adventures that I never would have imagine possible.

Let me close by saying it's funny how life works out. It's funny how I wound up in a set of circumstances that resulted in me spending a car ride with Jeffy. It's cool how Jeffy, while a normal cool guy as I described above, is also the author of "Get Laid or Die Trying" (which I really will buy at some point), the RSD guru, and the guy who's living the PUA lifestyle that we all would like to have. So yeah, Jeffy ending up being in my car for a ride into the city is cool.

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