Friday, October 14, 2011

Jeffy Free Tour Brings Out the Beast mode in me

2j and I went to the RSD free tour last night. I told several people about it and it was good to see some of them there. The event has massive value including what Tyler has called a "burst of in field video." I'm sure that was really valuable to G and Raw who aren't as familiar with the current RSD stuff. I had seen two of the videos before but there were several new ones. The talk was entertaining and humorous and inspirational as well. While I know most of the concepts already, hearing them again just made them resonate in my head better. I found myself nodding as I recognized how he describe some of the success barriers we have to tear down to improve and also nodding in a knowing way to some of the concepts as I know they've helped me get better results.

I felt inspired to really push myself to improve. I'm almost always in beast mode (meaning approaching without hesitation) at the club, but I've created an artificial barrier in my head when it comes to day game type situations. When we went out last night, I found I was pushing myself even harder. I even opened a set while we were waiting for the train to come to go to after hours.

Train Station shit test:

When we got up to the Fullerton platform, I saw four girls sitting around. While I normally would have wanted to open them and then said nothing, I opened them immediately. The leader girl started shit testing me right off the bat. Ironically, she tried messing with me in the one way that has never been able to stick on me, even back when I had low self esteem. I'm so grounded and chill now that even if she had tried to tool me on something that I might have had issues with more recently, it wouldn't have stuck. To use a Matrix analogy, what she did might be like some newbie trying to punch Neo. Neo could block the punch even back when he first sparring with Morpheus. That girl shit testing me would be like some newbie trying to punch the Neo from the end of the movie that realizes he's the one. She trying to punch the Neo who can block bullets and kill agents.

She basically tried to tell me I was stupid. She said something like, "You know, we're all smart girls. We're engineers."
I think I gave some generic response like, "You gain points for that." That's actually the truth though: I want a girl that's intelligent.
I forgot her exact words after this, but her tone of voice and her words basically were trying to put me in the frame of, "We're smart girls. You're stupid and not being even close to our level."

Again, this never would have stuck even back when I was a total chode. Yeah, if a professor or TA said that, it would have affected me I'm sure, but no random girl is gonna make that stick because the one strength I've always had in my book smarts.

My response to the further shit tests was I just busted out laughing. I just felt it was so ridiculous. I guess the difference between the old me and the new me is that the old me would have tried to qualify myself verbally.

Holding back from staying in set:
I was opening great at times. I remember opening this redhead 2-set and then the patting the seat next to her for me to sit down after about two sentences. I screwed this set up by getting frustrated that I had two wings nearby that weren't coming in. I knew afterward that I was being dumb and using that as an excuse. 2j and Trojan- had opened a set, but I couldn't see that. I thought they were just BSing with each other like they sometimes do instead of coming in. I didn't need their help. I wanted it because it makes things easier but I know how to run a 2-set. I should have just kept talking to the set. I sent one text to 2j which was fine. Where I lost the set is that I paused the conversation again and went to text Trojan- and their buying temp dropped enough to lose them.

The other problem we had early on was just bad luck with the girls 2j and I were clicking. I remember two different 2-sets where I had the one girl massively hooked but I could hear 2j's girl didn't like him. I remember at Kendall's I started to hear this girl starting to say, "This is girls night out. I'm trying to just talk to my friend." What I should have done was number close right there, or grabbed the friends attention and plowed her with material to stabilize the set. Instead, I just kept talking to my girl knowing that the friend was about to pull her away.

I can't blame 2j. That sometimes is just the way it is: not all girls are gonna like you or your wing(s). I went into a 3-set that 2j and Trojan- were working later on. I had the 3rd girl hooked but then I got busted out. I think that was the set where I brought up my cats and she hated cats, yet I kept talking about them. As I wing, I should have just changed the subject and just tried to talk friend-to-friend to hold her attention. Instead, I was in my normal set mode. Sometimes, I'll just keep talking about the cat because I love my cats and if she hates cat it turns me off anyway and I don't mind if the set ends. Another time, 2j and I were working a 2-set, and my girl just blew me out. Again, it happens.

Plan for tonight:

We're going to the art event and G seems like he's gonna come with which is great. I want to be in beast mode there. I usually make an approach or two at the art thing, but in beast mode, I should approach every set that I find attractive. We failed to take action with several hot girls last month. When we get to the club, I want to do more dance floor game. I also am gonna work on stopping moving sets properly. I was trying a lot of clawing moving girls last night and I realized as I was going to bed today that I was looking at their arms instead of locking and holding eye contact. I'm certain I just corrected what was screwed up with my moving set game.

More importantly, I'm going to work on staying in set while escalating and leading. Often I get too addicted to just opening and having fun when I should be working on the most efficient way to SNL or create a solid phone number set. I need to open well, figure out her logistics to see if pulling is possible, and if it is, I have to move her around the club and escalate and then try to pull.

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