Thursday, October 13, 2011

Positivity is back despite blowouts on hard mode

We dropped off Jeffy, and then 2j, Jeffy's assistant (I forgot his screen name), and I went out to Crescendo and Spy Bar. I paid the price for not having gone out since Saturday. I didn't feel any approach anxiety and I opened the first set that we came upon. I just wasn't completely in the zone, but it didn't stop me from trying.

Hitting those places with real warm up or momentum was like jumping right into an NFL playoff game with the regular season. I guess it would be like playing one game before the playoff game. I had a Day2 with this girl I met back in April. I don't even know if it counts as a Day 2. We're just friends and I don't even really want more than that and I don't think she does either. It was her birthday party that 2j and I stopped by a few weeks ago. Thanks to her, I started the night drinking free Amstel Lights at this happy hour event. I had to limit myself since I knew I was picking up Jeffy afterward. I planned this last minute and ended up taking the train so I wouldn't deal with traffic. I met up with 2j on the train to my car and picked up Jeffy.

When Crescendo got busy, there were several hot girls there. The place was rough. It's so much easier to open and hook sets in Lincoln Park. 2j hooked this drunk girl early on. She happened to be a friend of this Indian girl that I must have seen out about 20 times this summer. This is the moody Indian girl who one week was friendly to me in line at Sound Bar. The next week, she told me to fuck off when I opened her in Sound Bar. The funny thing is I wasn't even trying to sarge her at the time. I was just being friendly. Then, she was cool with me two weeks later.

My best set of this night was this Russian redhead. I managed to stop her as she was walking by. I was all up on her and talked to her for about 5 minutes before she said she had to find her friends. I suppose I should have just plowed with more material when she said that but I didn't do so at the time.

I had this amusing interaction with this tall redhead at Spy Bar. 2j pointed her out to me as he knows I like them. I opened her and was talking briefly and then she said, "Are you gonna buy us a bottle?" I laughed and said, "No, you need to ask one of these dudes to buy you a bottle and share it with me." I laugh because I'm the last person that I would buy her a bottle and I also chuckle because you know at least one fool has chumped out and done that for her in the past.

We ended the night on Division Street. We were in this one bar where several girls were dancing on this couch area. I saw a girl squatting on the chair. I opened her by saying, "Look at you, you either have to sit down or stand up and dance. There's no, half-assing like that. Chose one." She giggled and then she said, "Okay, I'll dance for you." While I opened it, it made it hard to do anything more. I thought about how Manwhore has said that when girls are dancing up like that, he goes up to them and just starts talking to them as they are dancing. I forced myself to stay and dance in front of her. I had her high five me but then I felt awkward and walked away. I know that the move is to just stay with it. I could have kept yelling shit to her as she was dancing and then tried to pull her down later on.

Tonight was a good warm up for this weekend. I know I'm gonna get pumped up from the Free Tour. Seeing the boot camp will also motivate me like it did in April. Most importantly, my shitty mood from Saturday is gone and my positivity has returned. Even though my best set was merely a 5 minutes hook, I really enjoyed my evening. I used to always have fun until I fell into that trap of having way too high expectations for myself.

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