Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wed & Sat speed reports & Second opportunities

I haven't been writing my daily field reports. I think part of it was I just needed a break from all of this: I mean writing field reports and sarging in general. 2j has also been less enthusiastic about going out and I wonder part of the reason is that transferring to me.

Part of my frustration is that I haven't been going out as much. My game definitely gets better from building momentum from going out a ton. I'd then go out after several days off and then somehow expect that I'd do as well as when I was going out every day. I also started to have too high expectations for the night. Wednesday, I was wasted and I was getting poor results. I finally hooked a set that was my type: she was average looking but she was really smart. Instead of sticking it through, I just ejected.

Part of me wanted something magical or crazy to happen. Despite things turning out badly with that theatrics chick, the night was exciting. In the process of trying to duplicate those results in a shit state, I just became frustrated.

This was apparent Saturday. Thursday night, I had a Day 2 with "Math girl." While that went well, I didn't do any cold approach. Friday, I didn't go out because I spent time with my mother the whole afternoon and evening and had gotten very little sleep Thursday night.

2j and I met up in Wrigelyville. I went to Clarke's for the $2 drafts. I had 2 beers which helped me feel better. I had a good night hanging out with my mom Friday, but Saturday, her nagging put me into a horrible mood. I was in such a bad mood that even an 8 mile run didn't fix it.

Despite my mood and 2j not opening despite me pushing him, I ended up opening these two cute girls that were seated at the bar next to me. I had seen them when I walked in initially. I didn't open them and I even text 2j asking him to open them when he came in. Finally, about ten minutes after he arrive, I went to the bathroom and forced myself to open the set. It actually went well. We found out the girls were two British girl on holiday (I'll use their term instead of the American term "vacation") and were only in town for two days.

Asking for the venue change:

My girl ended up asking us what places were good in the area and where "Wrigelyville" actually was. I told her about Barleycorn. Even though I knew the move, I didn't do the proper thing and try to venue change them. Later, the girls were getting ready to leave. I again mentioned Barleycorn. I was hoping 2j would give me some help and push for the venue change. He later said he was really out of his game, especially because he had started a sober gaming challenge and had gotten too used to warming up by drinking. The girls ended up leaving, and then I lamented how we could have venue change the set.

Groundhog day?:

An amazing thing happened: when we left the place, we saw the girls walking on the sidewalk. I pointed them out when I saw them in the distance walking towards us and said, "Look at this, we actually have been given the chance to redeem ourselves. Let's push this venue change."

2j actually pulled through this time. I said, "Hey, it's you guys again." 2j said, "Are you lost?"

They asked again where Wrigleyville was, and 2j said, "We'll show you."

We started walking up Sheffield. I started just doing my tour guide mode. I told them stories and fact about the city and about where we were going. For some reason, 2j was walking too fast and getting ahead of them. I kept spewing stuff for about 3 blocks and then I started to get self-conscious. I caught up to 2j and we started talking.

We suddenly turned around, and we saw the girls had stopped at the intersection behind us. 2j said that he sensed something weird with them and that's why he wasn't talking. I said, "Things might have been weird, but the move was for both of us to talk to them. They just met us and were walking with two guys they barely knew in an area they'd never been to."

I went on to say that we just needed to talk and make them comfortable and we could have gotten them to Barleycorn.


I'll close by talking about this set that I debated internally. We opened some sets in Barleycorn. I saw this blonde who looked cute from a few feet away. I told 2j I was thinking about opening and he commented that they looked older. I always joke that "looking older" means the girls are probably around my age. I opened aggressively and started dancing with her.

The girl was really into me. She kept talking to me and being almost overly flirtatious. She'd whisper in my ear and let her mouth get really close to my ear. When she moved close to hear me, she made her face brush really close to my face.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this. She was cute, but she had this freckles on her shoulders that just made her look old. Then, she said she was here with her son and daughter and she pointed them out. This made her mid to late 40's age range. On top of that, I just felt weird dancing with the mom while the kids were there.

2j made a good point later on. He said that I could have just number closed so I didn't have to deal with that, and I could have decided whether I wanted to try to hook up with her or not. I also could have just asked, "Are you single?" She probably was divorced and wanting to party considering how she was acting towards me.

While I felt shitty at the end of Saturday, it really was a night of second chances. Later, I saw the MILF and her kids and their friends standing outside on the street. I made eye contact with her and approached her. She smiled and was all excited to see me. I just gave her a high five and continued my night but maybe I should have pursued her.

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