Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back in the game

I didn't post for months as I had a girlfriend and was going out sporadically.  She was a great girl and we had the greatest conversations.  I know I definitely need that type of connection with any girl I'd consider for serious future relationships.  We parted ways cause as great as we got along, there issues with both had that prevented us from being together.  We are still friends, though. 

I guess my real return to sarging was last week.  I had gone out a few times since the break up.  I had gone out a few times but I know that if you really want to sarge, you have to go out 2-3 times a week every week.  Last week, I went out Friday and Saturday.  Friday was spent just getting myself back into opening.  As I would tell Fatty on Saturday, when you've been in the game as long as I have, you no longer feel that real anxiety about opening.  My heart doesn't start beating in anticipation of actually talking to a random girl.  Instead, you find that you just don't want to do it. 

Friday, 2j and I started out in Wicker Park.  We checked out the First Friday event at the Flat Iron Arts center.  There weren't that many people. There were about 3 sets that I could have opened but I ran itno them when I was alone.  I've always had a harder time opening in day game situations so that was asking too much of myself.  We hit a few bars in the area but it was slow.  2j was uncomfortable opening at the slow places.  I forced myself to open this cute blonde.  It actually went well for my first real opening.  The girl that said she had to go pee.  I thought I was busted out and left but she actually did have to go to the bathroom as I saw her go right after I left.  2j told me that I could try for the number close but I didn't. 

We hit Sound Bar for the free drinks and then went out in Lincoln Park.  Fatty had come down to meet us but he didn't show up until midnight.  I wasn't able to build off my initial success.  I think the free drinks hurt me cause I felt a huge energy crash in Lincoln Park.  I opened but nothing really stuck.

Saturday, Fatty and I went to the Cinco De Mayo Festival in Little Village.  That neighborhood is sometimes in the news for the wrong reasons: you'll hear about the occasional shootings there.  Fatty has no problem checking out bad neighboorhoods.  I wanted to go so I could say I was in the neighborhood, plus I knew it would be safe with the festival going on.  On the way we stopped for dinner at Nuevo Leon in Pilsen . There, I saw that redhead I used to see at Joe's every week last summer.  I've run into her at the weirdest places.  I ran into her on Halloween when I was with my GF.  We stopped at this Jewel near UIC and I remember seeing this tall girl with a decent body and the recognizing that it was the redhead.  I didn't say hi this time as I wasn't sure she'd remember me.

The festival was okay.  It had reasonable prices unlike most festivals in the city, probably because it is in a poorer neighborhood.  Fatty and I ended up walking west on 26th street.  That was the way to catch the bus plus we wanted to check out some of the local bakeries.  I had another random run in with someone I recognized from Joe's.  We stopped to use the restrooms at the McDonald's.  As I was waiting for Fatty, this Latino guy walked by and we made eye contact.  We recognized each other and he stopped and said, "I know you from somewhere."  I told him that he was X's friend, and we talked a bit about Joe's.  He asked me what I was doing down in this neighborhood.

I'm always amused when I randomly run into people because I think about how the timing had to be perfect for us to run into each other.  If Fatty had peed a little faster or I had waited outside, or anything had changed in the Latino's guy's day, we wouldn't have run into each other. 

After we got on the bus, we hit Wrigley.

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