Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seagull's Persistance & The week of sarging in review

I'm summarizing Tues-Thursday in a few paragraphs.  I'd probably have written full posts if I had time then to write about each night.

Prodigy and I got so drunk.  My main lesson was that I don't want to drink for awhile.  I spent too much money, even though it was only $2 pitchers as I lost self control and order another half priced pizza with Seagull.  That was the second downside, I blew up my diet after eating some lamb curry and then a whole loaf of bread from the store, and then 1000 calories in sardines and rice when I got home.  (I can't blame that entirely on drinking as today I just binged.  I think my body fat has gotten too low again, and not being able to run because my foot needs to heal is a big problem.  If I exercise a lot, I can eat more calories.  It's a double whammy if I can't run because I don't get those extra calories, and I don't get the endorphins from it and I try to compensate by binge eating on junk.)

Anyway, Seagull and I ran this 2-set of Irish girls.  My target kept dancing with me and staying with me, but Seagull's target kept wandering off.  He wanted to keep trying and the 3-4 times that I persisted with him, my girl was receptive.  Finally, we lost the girls. 

This is when I got drunk and started to open.  Andydufresne and Nintendo showed up so I talked to them and opened a bunch of other sets on my own as well.  Later, I saw Seagull making out with that girl.  Sadly, my target was making out with a guy so I didn't go on. 

I beat myself up over that missed opportunity all night.  Later, I learned Seagull pulled the set out of the bar, but that idiot making out with my girl didn't go with when Seagull pulled the girls.  Apparently, Seagull said to him "Hey, we're leaving" and the guy didn't try to come with.  I don't feel so bad because my target was so drunk later that I wouldn't have been able to hook up with her anyway.  Seagull said she threw up as they left. 

The lesson that will stick with me is that you really do have to keep going back into sets and keep trying.  I'm more persistent lately because my inner game is better, but Seagull's example will help me as well.  I guess this is evidenced by how we tried multiple times with that same sets Saturday night.

I remember opening this tall blonde with somewhat of a dance floor opener combined with verbals.  She liked me, which surprised me, but I think that sparked a confidence that allowed me to open many hotter girls later in the week.  Sadly, though I saw the value of persistence just that night before, I didn't try to go back into this set.   What happened was the average looking friend pulled my target away and I never went back in as it was a giant set of 2 guys and 5 girls.  I should have gone back in though.

I got a late start in Lincoln Park with Prodigy and Seagull.  I was proud of myself when I opened this hot blonde that didn't belong in this dumpy place that I always stop at to take a piss at.  Seagull has had several good sets in there lately.  I actually had a set there with Seagull that went well a week or two ago.  This girl was into me, but I again hadn't kinoed enough and I also has a miscalibration.  She wanted to meet up with me but wouldn't give me her number I think because I didn't express a clear interest or give her a genuine IOI.  I talked about hanging out, but she was a little older and seemed like the type that was looking to date to try to find a mate. 

Anyway, I busted out shortly after with this blonde, but I surprised myself in how I opened after only about a minute of working myself up to it.  Also, what surprised me at the time was how it was far easier that I would have expected.  This was just another reference point that the interactions with the hotter girls really are often a lot easier.  You can also get instant blowouts, but that's usually when you come in with shitty confidence or game.  I was amazed how I just opened and I wasn't really nervous, and yeah I busted out, but she danced with me a bit and we held eye contact for a bit. 

I think the two most important lessons where that I proved to myself that I could do it, and it wasn't what we all hype it up to be in our heads.  I just like opening any other set at worst, and seems odd, but it's often much smoother an interaction than what you get with average girls, and way better than with ugly girls (ugly or fat girls often give you the most brutal blow outs). 

I had this cool interaction with this amazing Indian girl who was super cute.  She was quality too: she has a good internship and will have a good job.  She runs marathons, is fit, super cute (had to mention it again), and loves seafood.  It was so easy to talk to her.  I ended up number closing her but she admitted she had a boyfriend. 

My memory of Friday was just nonstop hitting it up.  From the beginning, I was opening sets and that included doing a dance floor opener early in the night.  It was right by the bar where a lot of people could see and where no one but these two girls were dancing. 

I also remember not really having to fight state crashed like I had to do Saturday.  I just kept wanting to keep opening more sets and going back into a few sets.  I got this other number from this Polish girl that I need to text today. 

The other set is the one I need to write about still. 

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