Sunday, July 21, 2013

I put it all on the line, I played my heart out

I'm sure I've posteda clip before from "We Are Marshall."  It's an inspirational speech talking about that cliched sports ideal.  You play your heart out in a game.  You give your best effort possible for the entire game and it doesn't matter whether you win or lose.  I think it's the best attitude to have when your out sarging.  I know what bothers me most is when I stand around not doing anything or don't do certain approaches out of fear.  I do feel the best when I tried my hardest, regardless of the results.

This is how you should feel.  I swear that ever since that night out with the Coach, I truly feel this way.  Again, I'm realistic.  I don't expect that I'll approach 100% of the sets, or go back into a set for another effort every time that I should.  This is still true, especially on the dance floor.  I'd say I opened 90-95% of sets I wanted to open tonight and most of this week.  The exceptions were on Thursday and Saturday when I got to the bar early and stood around waiting for wings while I proceeded to open zero sets.  That bothers me, but I never let it affect my night and forced myself to do better when they eventually got there.

On the dance floor, I'd say I maybe opened 70% of the sets I could have.  Well, maybe less if you factored in every set out there.  On a night like tonight, the dance floor was so packed that I felt like a pinball and it would have been hard to really open certain sets properly.

In any case, these percentages far exceed anything I've been doing since back around Christmas.   As for the dance floor, I can say that never in my life have I been able to force myself to make this many attempts to do dance floor game.  I've had some better successes in the past off some rare dance floor openings that I made that lead to some adventures, but I've never had the confidence to do dance floor this much. 

Later, I'll write about this great interaction I had with this tall, model thin brunette on Friday.  The reference experience from that is going to be so valuable.  It gave me a glimpse of what I'm capable of doing with the tall, hot girls that I desire so much.  

This whole week, I've been taking so much action and tonight Seagull and I pushed even harder.  We both did the dance floor opening attempts.  We pushed all the way to the very end, including going to McDonalds to open a seated set when we ran out of sets in the street and at the bars.  During closing time, when we knew we could get in another venue except the after hours, we kept trying multiple times with the sets that were there.

I came to realize that as long as I keep pushing myself to this effort when I'm out, good things are going to happen, as I've said before.

I have the heart and effort.  To go back to football, I'd say the confidence has been there.  If I were a quarterback, I'd say I was trying to drive down field on every down I had available.  I played to the best of my ability at that time.  I write "at that time" because I know there were moments where I have the skills or talent to have done better in a particular set but couldn't get myself to access that part of me.  Still, I didn't spot trying until I couldn't try anymore.

Now that my inner game and drive are at a solid level, I need to focus on some weak spots and home in my game strategies and skills a little better.  Effort is a huge part of what it takes to succeed in pickup, but now I have to refine my skills.  

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