Sunday, July 14, 2013

A natural unleashes the PUA beast from my cocoon of self doubt

Saturday night I had about the most amazing night you can have without actually pulling or making out with a girl.  I took action I'd say 90% of the time that I wanted to and I finally started not to care anymore about rejection.  In fact, after doing more dance floor openings and just opening more in general, I remembered how amusing it was to get rejected so many times in such a short period of time.  Of course, at this stage, taking more action also means that I also got some good reactions. 

To use an old cliche, I'd say that Friday and Saturday night, I finally saw the light at the end of journey.  At the gym this morning, I was thinking that it was like when I started to see the outline of my upper two abdominal muscles.  After such a long journey, I can see progress, and I can see that end game is near.  I know that if I spend most of my nights the way I did tonight, I'm going to start having crazy adventures again and I'm going to be pulling a lot.  

I haven't felt this way since I was in the middle of my good run back around Christmas.  I spent all these last 6 months of going out and not going out trying to find myself.  I wallowed in a lot of self doubt and hesitation and wondered how I used to be able to open a lot more, and open with dance floor moves. 

The Natural and Crazy foot:
I'd say that Crazyfoot is due some credit in that after his supposed 6 week lay off, he was still opening like crazy.  That Friday, I got stuck in spectator mode, but once I started taking action, of course, things got better.  I opened a little more but I've been stuck having anxiety about the dance floor.  As I've said, in the past, I've had moments where I opened and had things go well, but I'd never been consistent in my willingness to put myself out there by trying to open more on the dance floor.  

On Friday, I was out with Prodigy (this is the no name wing who was briefly called "Prince" here), 2j, and Seagull.  2j ran into this natural that he used to go out with a few years ago.  This guy was an insane dance floor version of Crazyfoot.  He just kept trying to dance with every girl he could on the dance floor and he was trying to push all of us into trying as well.  He got 2j to take some action.  Later, he tried to get me to open some chubby girl.  I had a bit of anxiety and I also didn't feel like risking the rejection for some girl I wasn't even attracted to. 

You should do it for practice:
That was the natural's response to me.  That stuck with me and about 10 minutes later, I told him, "You know, you were right.  I need the practice and I should just try to dance with any girls just for practice."  I knew in my head that I was doing the dance floor version of what 2j says he observes newbies doing in boot camps.  Newbies will complain that the girls are not hot enough, and then when you run into hot girls, they'll say that the girls are too hot for them to open. 

Prodigy, the natural, and I started dancing with these 3 black girls.  The one I danced with had huge tits but she was overweight and I wasn't really into her.  Still, I had fun dancing with her, and that set off a fire inside of me.  I realized that I could do what the natural was doing on the dance floor.  I've had many nights where I'll open regular sets nonstop and that includes random sets on the street.  I never could get myself to open a lot of dance floor sets.  Watching the natural and then dancing with these girls just made me realize that the dance floor was the same thing.   I need no longer care about getting rejected;  I just needed to take action.

I then proceeded to open up a several sets on the dance floor area there until closing.

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