Sunday, May 24, 2015

I need to be a closer & Going for hotter girls Sat & Momentum for Vegas

There's a bunch of days I could have analyzed in detail here but I just didn't have time.  I realized Friday that my biggest problem is that I haven't been a closer.  I haven't been escalating fast enough at times, and I haven't done that many serious attempts at pulling.  I've settled for phone numbers when I should have went for the pull.

I had a fucked up night Friday where some asshole used a screwdriver to unlock my car door, probably because he thought I had a phone in there, when it really was just a light from the car charger.  The person even dumped out my gym bag in the trunk and found nothing.

The good thing about Friday is that I hung out with two guys that are closers.  I need to find out what nicknames they used or just create names for them as I'm sure I'll be hanging out with them more.  One of them is a guy that I met last year but didn't get to sarge with due to my travel arrangements and then me disappearing for the winer.

I started with day game at Target and just seeing other guys being confident in this situation made me take action in the twenty minutes I was there.

Later, the guy I met last year pulled from a street set that he opened as we were walking by.  I don't know if he got laid but it went well enough that he disappeared for the night.

Hanging out with those guys made me realize that I've just been holding myself back.  I've been in this too long to not be having more pulls.  Several of these sets that went well over the past 2-3 weeks could have been pulls if I had been more of a closer.

Training & Momentum for Vegas:
That was what I said I was going to do Saturday.  I ended up only being out for 3.5 hours.  I didn't get deep enough into any sets to try to pull but I did take more action that usual.  I opened a bunch of tall girls in the club that I often wouldn't have opened.

I've made this observation before, but I do get better results from these girls that I do when I think I'm opening a "easy" set by opening some less attractive girl.  The girl that stuck in my mind was this 6 foot tall (she was taller than that with heels) thin blonde.  She was totally my type.  I just started dancing by her and locked eye contact and than started talking.  She was super friendly and I found out she was visiting from Kansas City.  I mentioned this restaurant where I won an eating contest and she recognized it and she started touching my arm when I told her I won a team eating contest there.

The set got messed up when the alpha girl came and dragged the set away.  It was a 5-6 girl bachlorette set.  My mistake was that instead of going back in 5 mins with Disney, who was going to try to use the bottle service deal to move them to another bar, I said we should wait a bit longer.  We ended up not being able to find them so they must have left shortly after I had talked to them.  That makes it even dumber that we didn't go back because they might have come next door for the free bottle service.

Besides opening tall girls, I made myself open on the dance floor.  I've been writing often how I'm scared to open on the dance floor.  Tonight I finally got leverage on myself and said that I need to stop caring about if I get rejected or not and just do it.  It wasn't that difficult and this cute pixie (meaning short and thin) girl was receptive at first.  She then said she wanted to go back to her friends.  I think my mistake was that I should have dance with her and then danced with the rest of the group and then returned to her.

Disney had to leave around 1am.  I decided to leave with him as he talked about checking some other place out but then decided he had to head home.  I walked around and went in another venue.

I danced with two girls but that didn't go anywhere.  I opened some other girls but then I left to wander and do street game.  I kept wishing I had a wing because I just didn't believe that I was going to pull a girl from street game when all I kept seeing were 2 sets or 4-5 girl sets wandering around.

I decided to head home early so I could stop at Walmart to get some last minute things for the trip.  I figured I could push harder in Vegas and it'll be easier.

I really hope I can pull tomorrow night.  We're only going to be there Sunday and Monday night. We are taking the red eye Tuesday/Wed midnight.

At the very least, I need to give a solid effort to pull. Vegas is supposed to be the easiest place to get SNL's.  I should have basically unlimited sets to pull if I keep working it.

The two guys I'm going with are more excited about getting drunk.  I'm going to let myself have 3-5 drinks at the start and then just stop or do 1 drink an hour.  I don't mind having a buzz but I cannot get fucked up or I won't pull.

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