Sunday, May 10, 2015

Do you wanna come home with us?! & White Knight Bouncer

I remember watching several segments about how eyewitness testimony can often be inaccurate, yet it is often relied upon as crucial evidence in criminal cases.  Seagull and I both experienced this set but together we couldn't piece together the actual words that were said with this 2-set that could have possibly pulled on Friday night.  A contributing factor was probably that the girls had an accent: one was from Spain and the other from Argentina.

Seagull opened this 2-set in front of this high end club that I'd later have a white knight experience with the bouncer.  We had started with the free cheat codes at our usual spot.  I'll give myself credit for approaching some hot girls that I recently would have failed to approach.  I really fed off the motivation I wrote about in Thursday's report.  One was this tall Asian chick that opened really well.  She has a boyfriend but I would be fine being a friend as she has hot friends, and strangely, she has a guy friend that's into eating like I am.

I went in to wing him and I generated a lot of attraction with my Spanish target.  I sometimes am too hard on myself.  I watched a video Saturday and I realized that my kino mistakes are just minor outer game adjustments I need to make.  I do a lot of stuff right: in this set, I could tell my eye contact was a big factor in creating attraction.  It also helped that she was my avatar specialty, I often attract educated women really well as they appreciate my verbal game and I stand out from the drunk idiots that they deal with all night.

I set out to work on kino so I made myself do more than I had been doing most of this week prior to Thursday.  It was basic stuff that I'd been managing to avoid doing for some dumb reason: I'd touch her on high points and when I gave a statement of interest later on.

At one point, Seagull decided to move them to the one after hours place two blocks away that we knew we could get into: the problem was that like last week, it was just around bar closing time so there was short line to get in.  These girls didn't want to deal with the line even though it would have only taken 5 minutes.  Thinking back, I could have just said that it wouldn't take long but at the time I wanted to try to go for a food extraction or possibly pull to their place of Seagull's.

The part that's fuzzy is what followed next.  Seagull remembers mentioning going to another club.  He said he thought they mentioned going to another club, but he couldn't remember the name of the club.  I could have sworn they said something about how they were just going to go home and then his target said, "Do you want to come with" or something to that extent.  Next, we both agreed that Seagull asked, "Is it close?"

He thought he was asking about another club and at this point, I seriously thought they had invited us over.  He said that if he had heard what I thought I heard, he would have jumped on it.  I thought it was weird that I was the one talking about grabbing a taxi and he was just standing there.  I can't be sure that's what she said, but Seagull admits that even though he thought he originally heard the name of the club, none of the after hours places we know of sounded like something he might have hard.

I saw I remember mentioning a taxi and when no one responded, I tried asking about beers or tequilla and then the girl said, "I don't have any of that" and then they said something to the extent of "forget it."

As I write this, I'm leaning towards she did invite us over as if she had been inviting us to another club, her response to what I said wouldn't have made sense either.

Since I was the one who heard here, we figured later, that I should have grabbed my girl and hailed a cab.  Even if they hadn't invite us over, we would have all been in the cab and on our way to somewhere else instead of losing the set.

I made sure to number close and she did respond to my usual "Hope you got home safely" text the next day so I'll try to set something up this week.

White Knight bouncer:
We tried some more street sets and ended up walking by that high end club.  Seagull opened one of the girls in front that I was pretty sure worked there.  They saw some guy they knew and walked away.  There was a 2-set a little further down and I opened it.  The girl tried to bust me out initially, but I plowed through and her frown and standoffish demeanor changed.  I keep getting reference points lately with sets like this that my verbal vomiting is good as I can usually change their mood.

The other girl wasn't liking me.  I think her facial expression and that we opened some off duty staff a few seconds earlier made this bouncer come and do "white knight" bs.  He came over and put his arm on the girls and lead them away as he said to us, "Get out of here."

We were standing on the sidewalk and I know damn well that he has no jurisdiction here.  I told him, "This is a public street, I can stand here if I want."  I've said that to other bouncers and even to cops that have tried to tell me to clear out. I think he said next, "Okay, but don't talk to girls."

Later, I realized that this was an opening to verbally tool him.  AMOG or white knight shit gets me off and I end up thinking about it for longer than I should.  At the time, the next thing that came to my mind was just to yell, "Good job with your 'white knight' shit!  White knight!"

When he said that shit about the girls, I could have said, "Oh, so that's it?  You're jealous that I'm not talking to you big guy.  Sorry man, I'm into girls, but I'm sure you'll find some other Asian guy."

Thinking back, I could have followed him over and just barraged him with more AMOG tactic lines that I know from past experiences that I'm good at delivering.  It would have been funny and he would have looked stupid.  There's so many ways to rip on him and it was obvious from his response to what little I did say that he wouldn't have the wit to respond.  The best part about the way I deliver this stuff from what I originally learned from Tyler's old "AMOG tactics FR" is this verbal way of tooling him doesn't make him want to fight because fighting just makes him look even more stupid.  Besides, we were in front of his work, he wasn't going to do shit and I could probably sue the place if he attacked me for no reason.

It actually helps me make him more stupid if he tried to look at me in an intimidating way.  Here's an example of the stuff I could have said had he done that:

-Really dude?  You're gonna give me that intimidating bouncer look?  Wow, you're super brave trying to intimidate someone half your size.  If you're so tough, there's this thing called MMA or UFC... maybe you have heard of it?  Yeah, you can make thousands or millions fighting guys your own size.  Oh let me guess why you're not doing that?  Yeah, you'd get your ass kicked?

BTW, I'd deliver this in my usual manner in this situations.  I'd say this stuff with a smile on my face, and staring dead into his eyes.  If I'm sober, which I was, I usually can do this while having this complete calm which messes with a lot of guys, even if they are bigger than me.

Yes, I'm almost certain this bouncer could kick my ass, but I know from dealing with these situations again that he won't because I'm not swearing or directly insulting him.  I'm delivering zingers in a playful tone while making him look stupid and try hard by his responses.

I have a theory on why my staring into their eyes and being calm messes with bigger guys.  First, they are used to guys being intimidated by their size.  This is like when guys will sometimes come up to a girl I'm talking and just stand there thinking I'm going to go away.  I've had them leave when I do even acknowledge them: nowadays it doesn't happen as much unless I'm warming up or the girl is really not into me.  Second, I think they unconsciously pick up on my body language and calm state.

My explanation is that if I were a bad ass Navy Seal who could kill this guy, or I had a weapon, or had two bodyguards ready to jump out of a nearby car, I would display that same eye contact and body language that I exhibit when I do this right.  A guy with any of the things I just said, would stand there completely calm and just stare unflinchingly into the other guy's eyes.

Now, I know this is 100% fool proof.  I've been lucky with a 100% success rate but some fuckers just want to get into a fight and I imagine it could happen some day.  I trust myself to be able to diffuse the situation and I always have the option to just walk away.  If I'm drinking, I'll just walk away just to be safe but sober, which I usually am anyway, I trust myself to deal with anything that will arise.  Finally, I've always said that it's not like I'm going to gangsta clubs or I'm doing this shit in dark alleyways.

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