Friday, May 8, 2015

Wing pulled, Lone Wolf Rejects me: I get motivated from the shitty days

Good things happen when I have a bad night.  The last time was when I was out with Disney and I screwed up with the bunch of girls we had at the bottle service.  I guess I never did finish posting about that but the results of that night were that I got my workout in order and I finally got a lay two weeks later after a super long dry spell.

That last night was what I'd call a bad night is a testament of how well things have been going lately. I'm being somewhat overly dramatic as the night was good in so many ways.  It just was frustrating how things worked out and I used that to step up my workout.  I think I'll bring this fire with me tonight.

I need to work on fast escalation with high buying temperature sets late in the night, and I need to focus on opening the hottest girls I see.  If I can't get the hottest ones, I at least have to always go for the target that I find most attractive.

Recovering from the buffet:
I started out in a shit state. I didn't get much sleep as I knew I had to wake up early to meet a friend for this lunch buffet.  I ate a ton though I kept the calories somewhat under control.  I then went to sleep when I got home.  I forced myself to run 5 miles fore I went out but I still wasn't feeling energetic when I night began.

I didn't want to use cheat codes as drinking would cause all those calories that were still digesting to just be stored and I probably wasn't going to feel much since my stomach still had a bunch of food in it when I went out.

I wasn't one to give up, especially when I was out with my favorite wing Seagull.  I also knew that it was just a matter of building momentum, as I learned from Tyler's stuff and personal experience.

Hot Blonde but didn't believe enough to enter the mixed set:
It's funny that before the set in question, some guy motivated me.  Early on, I wasn't really clicking with this girl and then this orbiter came in and put his arm around her and tried to tell me it was his girlfriend.  I knew the girl wasn't into me, but it pissed me off that this orbiter was trying to act like it was his girlfriend.  I could tell he was just a friend by the way he put his arm around her so I replied, "Lol, yeah whatever."  He said, "She is my girlfriend" and I seriously said, "Get the fuck out of here" but in a jovial way.  After that set, I said I wanted to open some mixed sets because I felt motivated to do so.  Besides, I had dealt with several mixed set situations the past few times anyway despite me not really pushing those sets and I trust in my ability to either AMOG guys or defuse any potential situations.

Fast forward a little bit and Seagull opened this 2-set at another venue.  Surprisingly, he went for the less attractive girl and I ended up talking to this hot blonde.  She had a really pretty face and Seagull commented later that she had nice breasts, which I did notice.  (I usually don't notice breasts as they aren't my thing but she had a nice pair.  They weren't huge but they fit her body well and her outfit made them pop up.)

The girl was being friendly and giving me good eye contact.  She was keeping the conversation going but I saw she was looking at the Uber ap on her phone.  I mentioned that we were about to go to Wrigley and she told me that she was going up there as well and the venue I mentioned happened to be the same one she was going to.

Mistake one is that I should have number closed here as I was clicking with her and I should have used the incoming Uber as a reason to number close.  To my credit, I at least suggested she cancel the Uber as I said we were driving up there.  I knew that it was unlikely she'd accept so I should have just tried to go with them.

The mixed set:
We made it up to that venue eventually and Seagull pointed out that they were in a mixed set with 3 girls and two guys.  He didn't want to open at first and I didn't feel confident enough to go in.  He was ready to open a few minutes later and I talked him out of it because he basically was asking if I was ready to go in.

This was stupid.  I knew I wasn't in top form but we should have gone in for the practice.  I need to master this skill and be confident because hot girls will always have guys around them.  Even dumber is that I have the skills to deal with these guys yet I often avoid the situation.

The lone wolf vs the 3-set:
We went to this other venue and we tried to open these two high buying temp girls.  I was slow on the kino but at least I tried to hold my target's hand at one point and she rejected the move and said she had a boyfriend.  I'm not sure if she did or if I just wasn't calibrated properly with my kino.  I think I should have started with more kino off the bat since I knew they were high buying temp.

As we were leaving the venue, I stoped this short dyed blonde Latina.  She reacted positively but she said she was going outside.

Seagull and I walked outside and she was out there.  He went to go talk to her as I went to open this 3-set of girls.  This was a key mistake I suppose.  If I had just gone to open the same girl I had opened inside, I might have been the one pulling and getting laid tonight.  Instead, Seagull opened and she was receptive.

My 3-set was friendly and I ended up merging the sets.  We tried moving them to the big country bar but Seagull didn't want to go in because it was almost closing time and he tried to push for the after hours.  The 3-set kept walking with us, but then I lost them when they tried to go into this other bar and got rejected.  I think one girl had a fake ID.  I tried to get them to come to the after hours but i lost them after that.

Clicking with Seagull target:
I ended up sitting with Seagull and the girl at the after hours.  It was dead when we walked in.  There were people but no targets for me.  We all had an interesting conversation going and Burning Man came up.  I knew when she mentioned she loved Burning Man that she was definitely down to fuck.  I even commented that Jeffy's assistant had gone there and hooked up with a ton of girls.  She said that yeah there are some areas where a bunch of orgies happen.

After that, we got into some deeper conversations about stuff.  It was nice to talk to another intelligent girl.  It was like talking to that girl I hooked up with a few weeks ago.

She went to the washroom and I told Seagull that I would just hang out for a bit and then I'd leave and he could isolate.  I said the other move was we could just both stick in and try to get her to do a 3-way or to hook up with us both.  He said he wanted the practice of pulling and would rather not screw things up doing something crazy like that.

He's my wing so I wasn't going to try to steal his target even though I was clicking with her.

The lone wolf who wanted to get laid:
I remember turning around and noticing that there were more girls around than when we had walked in.  I decided to open this chubby dirty blonde by the bar.  She told me that she had been stood up and this was her first time at this place.  I knew that me she was high buying temperature.  My mistake was probably that I didn't try to kino and give IOI's off the bat.  I kept talking, though I did move her to introduce her to Seagull and his girl.

At one point, she started talking to this gay guy and she was really into him, trying to kino him.  I tried to pull her attention away to no avail, so I ended up going on the dance floor.

I ended up dancing with some hot girls from Atlanta but I coudln't figure out if they were single or what their deal was.  Now I realize I should have just asked.  Two of the girls seemed like they were with guys but one girl definitely seemed alone but for some reason I never asked the details of how they all knew each other.  That was a mistake because if one of them was single, I should have gone for them as they were way hotter than either the lone wolf or Seagull's girl.

Dance floor fun:
It's so amazing how I turned around from being low energy at the beginning of the night to complete massive state on the dance floor.  I'm still pumped up now and I have to try to go to sleep soon.  I began with dancing by the Atlanta girls and at one point this really hot girl started grinding on me for like 30 seconds.  I didn't understand her story either; again I should have asked.

The lone wolf again:
The gay guy left and the lone wolf appeared on the dance floor.  She was dancing with some guy but left him so I tried to dance with her.  She pulled away after a short while.  This other guy started trying to talk to her and I made a strong move of trying to bust him out.  This is why I should work more mixed sets and why I should have gone in on the hot blonde earlier.  I usually know how to calibrate this stuff with other guys.

This guy asked her if I was her boyfriend and she said no.  He tried to tell me to go away.  I put my arm around him and then her.  I think she walked away after this and he tried to give me some shit and I said something like, "Oh, you want to dance me me" and I started moving towards him.  That fake gay stuff is the best because a lot of guys are insecure about that and it makes them go away.  I've used it successfully to pull girls of guys that they are gridning with in the past, though the only real time to try that is if you are pretty sure that the girl is into you.

Aggravated but an old friend appeared:
I got really aggravated that I knew this lone wolf wanted to fuck yet she rejected me.  Suddenly, an old Natural friend that frequents this venue appeared.  Seagull and I were wondering if he was still around as I hadn't seen him in over a year, but I also hadn't been going out in the area in awhile.  It was good to see him.  I tried to get him to go for the girl but he's not the type that tries to steal girls from other guys as he wouldn't do it.  I kept telling him that I knew she wanted to hook up with someone and I'd rather have it be a friend since it could be me rather than these random guys that she was dancing with.

When I was leaving, I actually vented a bit by saying I was feeling down about her not wanting me but he made me realize the obvious.  He told me a story of how one of his friends was dancing with a girl who was down to fuck but she didn't like him and ten minutes later she went with some other guy.  I knew that but it felt good to hear it form him.

I'm motivated:
That's what I said at the beginning.  I realize that this night wasn't that bad but it sucks to not get laid because I didn't try to open Seagull's target when I got outside and then I got rejected by this high buying temp girl at the end of  the night.

Again, I'm happy that I turned my mood around and I was having a blast on the dance floor.  I was having fun with a bunch of people at the bar and what a change that is from how I used to operate.

I should have found out more about the Atlanta girls and the other hottie that was out there instead of focusing on that lone wolf who rejected me.

When I go out tonight, I'm going to focus on my kino, especially faster escalation at the end of the night.  I'm also going to make myself approach the hot girls and the ones I'm really attracted to.

It is stupid that I was lamenting about some chubby girl that rejected me when I had a hot blonde into me earlier and there were several tall hot girls from Atlanta that I had opened, yet I didn't try to figure out their logistics/relationships with the two guys in the set.

Tyler talked in a video about how he had this frustrating night where his friend pulled and he didn't.  Then he ended up pulling an even hotter girl the next night.  Strangely, that might have happened for Seagull.  He had said he was drunk on Wednesday and screwed up pulling this lone wolf who was DTF and he ended up pulling the next day.  I hope I can pull Friday or Saturday.

One thing is for sure, good things can happen if I follow through with my game plan of going for the hottest girls instead of just trying to open sets that seem easier (even though they often aren't and the hotter girls can respond better, sometimes, so my game that average or chubby girls.)

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