Sunday, May 10, 2015

Don't flog myself: work on fast escalation and pulling

This was going to be the concluding point in the last entry but I think it deserves it's own entry.  Tyler says that too many guys flog themselves too much.  I'm guilty of that.  I've mentioned how this attitude has helped me but I know from experience that too much of it hurts.

Saturday night was a good night and shows how close I am to having even better nights. My nightly experiences are showing me that I can create strong attraction every night, usually in multiple sets, and there are pull opportunities that I keep missing out on.  Sometimes it's due to bad logistics and that's just bad luck.  Maybe from my analyses, I can figure out something that will help me solve those logistics in a similar, future encounter.  Sometimes, or maybe often times at my current skill level, it's just because my pulling skill is lacking.

I'm going to watch and rewatch videos on pulling.  It's like any other skill in the game.  I have to learn and practice.  As I do both, I'll develop the calibration to do it better.

Over the next two weeks, I should really focus on trying to pull, even if it means busting on a set that I might have been able to set a Day 2 on.  Jlaix said the other key is that you have to have the confidence to make a "bold move" to pull instead of just being comfortable with the limited success/attraction you got from the set.

Now, I need to practice this to improve my overall skill set, but since I'm going to Vegas in two weeks, I need to get fast escalation down and have the confidence to pull, or I am not going to get laid there.  Well, to be fair, things are supposedly easier, but my pull skills and fast escalation skills are my limiting factor.

I guess the other factor about Vegas is that if I do 10pm type talk like I did with Seagull's set that he left, at least I'll get a shitload of other sets to correct myself on and still have many more chances to pull.  At the venue tonight, I missed that opportunity and there was only 1-2 other girls to try.

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