Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Tour, High buying temp, tried to pull

I had a stressed filled trip trying to make the RSD free tour.  I picked up and phone call from Prodigy and I actually ended up amusing myself because I told him he got to see this flustered side of me that my wings almost never see.  It worked out okay and I got to free tour just as it was about to begin.

As usual, I was pumped up after two and a half hours of hearing speeches from Jlaix and Tyler.  I didn't go out right away as Seagull wanted to finish the basketball game and I couldn't get into where Nintendo and Andydufresne were eating.  I had two martinis from my gift card and my free tator tots and waited.

There is something about getting to the venue late.  The girls have been drinking and get into state which probably contributed to me getting anime eyes from the first two sets we opened.  There was this tall  blonde Seagull liked in the first 3 set.  She probably was the hottest one, but I opened and like the red haired girl, but it turned out she had a boyfriend.

The one mistake of the night was when I immediately opened this 2-set after the initial set.  This girl was really giving me anime eyes but I kept blabbering.  I knew I should try to escalate, but me trying to escalate quickly when I'm just getting warmed up is too slow.  I just did light kino on her shoulder when I should have put my arm around her or tried to hold her hand.  I think the set stalled because I wasn't escalating.

We walked over to this other bar and this second set had two really high buying temperature girls.  This time I was quicker and did have my arm around her and held her hand.  I asked her if she was single but she said she had a boyfriend.  I'm still not sure what to think.  She ended up going to the bathroom and I just hung around.  Seagull, meanwhile had plowed through the friend's BS.  As I was escalating on my girl, I could hear his girl telling him that they were having a girl's night out and other BS but then after he plowed through it, she became friendly.  My target then came out of the bathroom and went by this tall guy nearby and then they left together.  She was really high buying temp so I don't know if he had opened her earlier and she liked him or what the deal was.  It didn't make sense that it was her boyfriend in a way as he was standing nearby and I was escalating on her.

Seagull's target was a little chubby so I figured he didn't really care.  As he was talking to her, she kept looking over at me.  When he gave up trying to escalate, I asked him in code if it was okay if I tried to escalate and pull.  We had developed this code that one Tuesday when I could have pulled this girl, but I was in a bad state.  He didn't want to steal my target but I said I actually wanted him to pull her rather than letting her hook up with this guy she said she had hooked up with 5 years ago.

He said I could try so I kept trying to escalate and seed a pull.  She drank too much and wasn't making much sense.  She was coherent enough to tell her other friend, who I didn't even realize was with her until closing time, that she was fine to go home.  I kept trying to get her to leave the venue with me.  I eventually walked out with her but I gave up.  Seagull and I both agreed that one last move would have been to try to get in the taxi with her and maybe I should have gone for it.

The thing is that I probably wouldn't have wanted to babysit here.  She had gotten drunk enough that I wouldn't have had tried to have sex until maybe the next morning when she sobered up.

We went on Division and worked on this giant French mixed set.  They were in a giant guy and girl circle on the dance floor.  Just as we were about to leave, I noticed they had left the dance floor and I pointed this out to Seagull.  This was a small mistake.  I should have just gone and approached this tall attractive blonde instead of point it out.  We both started to walk over there and I let him open since I didn't want to cut him off and if I had wanted to do it, I shouldn't have hesitated.

I later tried opening one of the friends.  We were having decent conversation but it wasn't really on.  Seagull debated if he should stick the set out.  Since it was a giant group, the move was to just try to hang out with them until the end and then hope he could pull her away from the group.  He didn't want to do that as he didn't want to stay up all night and be tired on Friday.

I came up with this move that he took and I also tried to seed with the girl I was talking to.  I told them to just tell them about Disney's promo where we get the 3 free drinks Friday and Saturday.  They had like 10 people so that would be 30 free drinks.  I told Seagull to grab a pen.  While he was doing that, I decided to try it with my girl. She didn't have a pen so I told her to just pull out her phone and I'd type the place and what to say to get in.

We're going there anyway.  If they show up, it's good and I'll try again with the girl I was talking to and if not, oh well.  More sets tomorrow.

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