Wednesday, November 2, 2016


 I haven't written much as I got less focused on sarging in order to fix other aspects of my life.  This year, there were several close unexpected situations where I should have gotten laid but managed to screw them up.  One of them was a surprise set with this girl at the front desk at my hotel in San Antonio that it turns out had just broken up with her boyfriend.  I was proud that I got as far as I did when I hadn't gone out in months.  Another near lay was with this tiny Latina in Atlantic City.

Over the summer, I was too busy with work to really do any sarging.  There were two girls that seemed to be into me but weren't attractive.  There was this hottie that I developed a sort of mentor relationship that I probably could have hooked up with if I weren't so out of practice.

As the summer winded down, I finally got time to start going out again.  I've been in Vegas a lot but I sadly hadn't pulled.  Most of the time, I was just trying to grind out money at poker or enjoying vacation value without concentrating on picking up girls.

This all changed last week when I finally got to experience Vegas as a tourist as I went there with a childhood friend.  The trip started out with a bunch of lucky that I kept saying meant I was going to pull by the end of the trip, but near the end of the trip I started to doubt if that would be true.

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