Wednesday, November 2, 2016

First Las Vegas Pull & a bunch of other firsts

It was my final night in Vegas.  The night before, I was feeling desperate.  It had been so long since I got laid that I was getting tempted to just get a hooker and that goes against all my principles concerning game.  I don't have a problem with guys doing it, but when I have passed up lays in the past with girls because I try to spend as little as possible, I feel really dumb just dumping cash on a transaction with a working girl.  I finally decided to motivate myself by saying I'd allow myself to get one if I really gave it my best effort Thursday night and Friday night.  This meant trying my best to open, escalate and pull instead of the half ass effort I made earlier in the night and how I kept letting my friend's inaction be an excuse for me not to try my best.

Thursday night, I had a mental reset when we returned from downtown and I had a crazy set that could use it's own blog post.  I opened up this girl who was walking by me in the Bellagio mall.  We wound up in the Bellagio women's bathroom where she said, "I'm not going to have sex with you in here but I told you I'm going to compensate you."  She was all lost from being drunk and because her boyfriend was too busy playing blackjack in front of Omnia rather than trying to find her.  I was nice enough to say I was going to lead her back there.  I was trying to pull her too but she made it clear we weren't going to hook up.

Yeah, I wish what she meant was that she was going to give me a blowjob but it turned out to be a funny story anyway.  She fished up this crappy coke that she bought from a street dealer.  She wanted me to do some with her.  I suppose if I were into drugs, this would be getting compensated well but I don't do drugs.  I told her I was good but I also said I don't judge and she could do it.

After that, we walked back to Caesar's and she thanked me.  She wanted me to take her number and I didn't want to at first, but I did as I figured it was a free roll.  It turns out she was flying out the next day but at the time, I figured if the dumb ass boyfriend got addicted to blackjack again, she might just want to hook up the next night.  It turns out she was flying out the next morning.  I was joking at the time that I was going to get good karma from this and it would turn out to pay off the next day.  

Two 2-sets that didn't happen:
Earlier in the night, I was with two chubby Greek girls that my friend winged me on.  They wanted me to give them money to gamble and when I wouldn't they decided to leave us.  Next, we got into a half hour set by the Harrah's with two Canadian girls, but they went to the bathroom and never returned.  At the time, I was disappointed that I couldn't make those sets work but I kept pressing on.

I almost didn't open her:
We walked across the street to Caesar's.  It was around 3am so I think a lot of people had left the club.  I was walking with my buddy when I turned around and saw this 6ft tall girl playing with her pink phone.  I hesitated initially with some negative thoughts.  "That girl is tall and too hot," I thought to myself.  I remembered the pact I made with myself about giving my best effort, so I literally said out loud, "Fuck it" and walked over.

A lot of the sarge is a blur but I do remember a few things.  I'm almost certain that I opened her walking up and putting my hand in front of the screen of her phone.  I do that a lot just to mess with girls who are playing with their phone.  I have trouble remember what I said after that but I think I messed with her about this being an all night town but she look ready to end the night.  I remember spinning her once.

OMG this is on!
The other distinct memory I have is of us hovering by the slot machines.  I remember there being this sudden moment where she gave me that look like she wanted to make out with me.  Fortunately, I wasn't a dumb ass like I have been many times in the past when I've had this moment and passed it up because I was too chicken to make a move.  I went in to kiss her and I remember being surprised about how passionately she made out with me.  She introduced me to some serious tongue action that she would continue on the rest of our time together.

I broke of the make out first as I knew that is the right move.  I remember learning early on that I'm supposed to be the one to broke it off so the girl will still be wanting more.  At this point, I remember thinking that I just need to get this girl to walk over to Bally's which is sort of a big kiddie corner away from where we were.

I remember that I started leading her away from the club exit and towards the nearest exit.  Fortunately, I know this casino area well as I frequent the poker room.  We alternated with us holding hands as we walked, and us having are arms around each other.  It's funny because she was so tall that when she had her arm around me, her arm was on my shoulders around my head, and I had arm around her back.  She had to learn down a bit so she could rest her arm on my shoulder.

The walk back:
She was slightly hesitant to actually go outside.  I remember telling that we should get some fresh air and I also remember saying, "Have you seen outside?  There's that absinthe area just outside (that's the name of an outdoor bar or something by the Caesar's entrance)."  She came outside and we sat down on this concrete mini wall.  She started to message someone on her phone.  I think she had been texting occasionally.  This time I saw some guy's name on the text.  I realized I needed to get her to stop checking the phone or I might lose this sarge.  (I remember seeing an RSD video talking about how they'd sometime turn the girls phone or take it away so the friends would screw up the sarge. I had one girl I pulled years ago that was made so much harder because she kept talking to her friend.)

I remember we started making out while sitting on this concrete wall.  I think this is when I started saying that we were going to check out Bally's.  I probably told her we could get some food.

I should add that I had watched this video from RSD Todd several times this week that talked about the keys to ONS game and Vegas.  This was important because my normal game often involves creating a connection with a girl about commonalities.  This time, I was trying to follow Todd's advice of quick kino escalation (finally got that right this set), and I was actively trying to disqualify myself.  I surely used one of his lines of, "I'm not boyfriend material."  I think I also said something like this after one of our make outs, "I'm total down for this, but let's just see what happens.  I just want to have fun!"

We started walking towards Bally's and I remember this was this short silence for about 10-20 seconds.  I remember telling myself, "Okay, I need to keep this fun and walking in silence isn't going to cut it."  I realized I just needed to talk so it would keep her entertained as we walked to my hotel.  I remember talking about Red Rock and I think I even showed her some pics on my phone.  At this part of the walk, I believe I also grabbed her phone and put it in my pocket.

Up to my room:
I remember going down the escalator that descends into Bally's.  Part of me couldn't believe that I had got this far.  I really started to believe this was going to happen.  I lead her past the front desk area, past some slots and to the elevator.  We went the elevator and we started making out.  I remember looking at her and saying, "Just because we're going up, doesn't mean anything is necessarily going to happen.  I just want to have fun and see what happens.  I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with."

I said this because this is old PUA technique.  If you don't say something like this, the girl often will. By saying it first, it makes her feel more comfortable.  She knows what it likely means if she goes up with you, but it makes her feel at ease that you're taking the pressure off by saying this, and you're taking the responsibility off of her for this happening.

As we were doing this, I guess I forgot to push a floor as the elevator door suddenly opened again as we were making out again, and I couple walked in.  I laughed and said, "Sorry" and then pushed a button.  The couple got off on an earlier floor and then we wound up on my floor.  I lead her to my room and I text my buddy to not come to the room.

On a side note: He's not used to going sarging with me so apparently he had been calling and texting me nonstop this entire time.  I just left him a quick text telling him not to come to the room as I pulled a girl.

I opened the door and lead her in.

Thinking back, I'm not sure the exact sequence of events.  I remember that I turned on the TV so there would be some background noise.  We probably made out standing up and then I brought her to the bed.  Part of me was thinking, "Wow, this is amazing that I have this smoking hot girl here in my room."  I remember how great of a kisser she was.  I remember us grinding our crotches together as we were kissing.  I remember kissing her neck and then moving my hand to her pussy to see how receptive she'd be to that.

Initially, she moved my hand away but I just went back to kissing and then when I tried again, she didn't resist.  I started to rub her clit and she started to get into it.

I've said to my wings that I used to like to eat girls out but over the past several years, I developed a rule for myself that I don't eat out girls that I just met.  Well, I guess that rule was easy to follow when I wasn't with girls I was really attracted to.  This girl, I just wanted to eat out.  I started kissing and licking her thighs and I put my nose on her underwear.  Sometimes girls have a funky smell which definitely would have made me not want to do it, but her pussy was perfect.  She smelled and tasted perfect as I kept wanting to go down on her.

This is great:
I won't continue with much more detail.  I will say that I kept thinking, "Wow this is awesome."  With girls in the past, they were either too fat, or there was some detail that I didn't like about that.  This girl was different that any girl I'd been with in the past.

First Vegas Pull
First Quick pull
First 6foot tall girl
First HB9 (This was the hottest girl I've ever hooked up with!)

I've always been crazily attracted to tall girls.  I love the long legs and how they tower over me.  I've had tall girls into me in the past, but I always managed to screw it up.  Also, unless I'm in state, I often am intimidated by them.  Tall girls and natural redheads are my white whales. (For those that don't know, this is a reference to the novel "Moby Dick" where the protagonist is consumed with this elusive white whale that he obsesses about finding.)  Those two types of girls are what I really am attracted to and what I always want to sarge.  I had be unsuccessful until this evening so they seemed so elusive, like the types of girl's I'd never get.

I remember how I just kept looking at her body and touching it and thinking how much I was enjoying this.  I couldn't see a flaw in her.  She was tall, young, and perfectly shaped.  Some guys would wish she had bigger breasts, but I was fine with her B cups.  I'd rather she have these than implants.  The only way I could have been turned on more is if she had been a natural redhead.

On top of all this, she was so into me.  I remember her laying next to me with her arms around me.  I'd start getting horny again and I'd touch her legs or grab her ass, or play with her tits, and then suddenly she'd be making out with me all passionately again.

This is why you get your own room:
So my friend started bothering me at the end.  He wanted to come into the room and get a hooker.  He actually had asked the front desk if they had rooms available.  He said they told him they had one for $100 something.  He said I should cover it.  I might have paid but what I didn't want to happen was me to pay for the room and then have her take off.  She initially said she'd stay.  I tried to see if I could go to her room, but she didn't have her own room and it sounded like she was staying with her family (she had said earlier that she was there for her cousin's wedding and was there with family).  I told my friend to just come it (I mentioned this to her and she didn't seem to care).  He felt weird and then started worrying that she might be uncomfortable waking up and being in a room with two guys.
After this commotion of me talking to my friend on the phone, she decided to check her phone.  Her sister had been blowing up her phone as much as my friend had done to me.  I watched her scroll through like 3 pages of text messages.  She decided she had to go.

If I had my own room, I probably would have kept messing around with her all night.  Damn!


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