Sunday, September 1, 2013

Served morning appetizers by a nice lady with a dog

At the end of Saturday night (wel early Sunday morning at like 6am at this point), Seagull and I were sitting by my car analyzing all the sets that happened tonight.  I had the trunk open and we were sitting on the bumper talking loudly.  There's a condo or apartment building right near my car and the early birds were starting to come out to start there day.  A lady came jogging by, and later a lady walk out with this cute looking golden retriever mutt. 

We briefly talked to her.  I think it was when she returned from the dog walk.  I remember her asking us why were hanging out in the street at six in the morning.  I told her we had just stayed out at the bars until 5am and Seagull said that we were analyzing our night.  I said, "Are you like my mom who likes to get up early and you're starting your day already?"  She told us that she had been watching soccer.  I told her, "You're dog is cute.  I'm a cat person too but he's cute." 

She went inside and we kept talking.  At one point, we were really being loud.  Suddenly, we saw the lady at the door.  We both thought she was coming to ask us to keep quiet or comment about how we were being too loud. 

What happened was totally unexpected.  She brought out two bottled waters and a plate with some Bruschetta that she had just made.  She said, "I made some bruschetta.  If you don't like it, you can just leave.  I swear I didn't tamper with it." 

We were shocked that she would be this friendly.  She was probably my age or slightly older but she was attractive.  I had gone out of pickup mode, but my mind was thinking we should invite her to chat.  We thanked her and she seemed like she wanted to stay and talk, but neither of us continued talking so she went inside. 

I ended up leaving the plate and microwave container with my email on it.  I was gonna leave my phone number but I wasn't even sure if she'd get her stuff after we left it in front of the main door and Seagull did say the email would be more neutral. 

I don't know if I should have tried to pick her up, or if she was doing this just to be night, or was hoping she could pick one of us up.  I'll always remember this sweet gesture as it was totally unexpected and very nice of her.  This is something that might happen in a small town, but not in Chicago, except that it did happen today.  

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