Sunday, September 1, 2013

Angry druken idiot of the month

It seems like I'm averaging one AMOG confrontation a month nowadays.  I mentioned in a past post that I got involved in a situation during this NY set.  The venue we were in gets really crowded during after hours.  I was dancing by the snow white girl when this built, angry looking Latino guy about my height bumped into me.  To be fair, maybe I bumped into him, but it was so crowded that you need to expect shit like that's going to happen. 

You could tell he was one of those morons that either get angry while drunk or is just miserable in life.  Before I could say anything, and I usually just apologize when bumping into people because I think it's the right thing to do, he showed me hard. 

Here is where I sometimes think I might eventually get myself into a fight.  I could have just ignored the shove, but I don't like being bully, or pushed around literally.  He was being an asshole.  He actually was walking away after shoving me, but I moved a few steps, and tapped him on the shoulder. 

I don't know if he heard me, but I said, "Hey man, relax.  We're all just trying to have fun here."

He turned around with this hard look and stared me in the eyes.  I laugh about it as I'm typing this because this is the typical macho bullshit guys do.  They try to look into your eyes to intimidate you.  I've been in so many of these situations that, of course, I just looked back with calm, unflinching eye contact.  He then put his hand in my chest and shoved me as he said, "Don't touch me." 

Here's the key, before I could even do anything, he turned around and walked away after shoving me. 

I told Seagull later that I wish this had been a quiet area so the girls could have heard me make him look stupid with the shit I would have said to him.  Instead, my girl just saw what happened and got pissed that the guy had done that.  Seagull and his girl were angry too.  I kept telling them to forget about it and not let it ruin their night. 

My girl kept on the subject for awhile, and I knew there were evolutionary reasons before it.  In her mind, I might have looked a bit weak because she didn't see how the whole interaction had gone and couldn't hear anything.  I remember telling her stuff like, "Look, that guy is obviously miserable in life.  He's walking around all hard and gets angry when someone bumps into him in a crowded place where everyone is bumping into everyone."  Later I said, "It's not even worth letting him ruin your night.  What do you think I should do?  Go follow him, punch him in the head, and then get thrown out?  How is that going to better?"  Finally, "Notice that after he shoved me, he just walked away."  

I'll close by saying that, on the one hand, perhaps I slightly increase my chance of actually getting into a fight, but engaging the guy again when he was walking away.  Oh well.  I have some principles that I stand up for.  The guy shoved me and wasn't justified in doing so and I stand my ground now.  On the other hand, this is just further evidence of how I should be confident that I can handle this situations because once again, I'm batting perfect for not getting into a fight. 

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