Sunday, September 1, 2013

Not taking a lay and going through the motions

I said that I've been joking about RSD Brad's "Wounded Gazelle" time.  I told Seagull that we should push some of these sets with fat girls just for practice.  I told him that sometimes it can be a good experience, but anyway, he doesn't have to have sex with the girl, he can just practice pulling.  With that in mind, we went through the motions with this set that likely could have been a lay, but in the end we let it not happen. 

Maybe that's why I don't feel as bad tonight because I know I could have gotten laid if I wanted to.  Well, I felt good until I realized how badly I had screwed up the Irish set but just not driving her home. 

At about 2:30am (so in Chicago that means a little overt two hours before closing time on a Saturday night), I was talking to these two decent looking black girls.  We ended up opening them again later (it's funny that the first time, one of the girls was talkative, and the second time, the other one was) but had no success.  My chance was there the first time, but as I was talking to them, this chubby blonde touched my arm or shoulder to get my attention.  She was with this chubby Latina friend. 

Just a few seconds in, Seagull arrived.  He had been working on this girl across the street and that didn't work so he joined me.  It was clear that these girls wanted to hook up with someone.  The blonde was really obvious about it.  The Latina made it obvious later when I heard her response to the blonde.  The blonde had mentioned going back to the hotel and the Latina responded, "I don't want to go back there.  All those girls are married."  Just the way she said it implied she wanted to be out with this single friend trolling for guys. 

Seagull and I lead them to the after hours place that we passed on on Friday with this Ohio set that we ended up ditching when we could get them into the more popular place.  I felt like I was going through the motions.  I had said that I wanted to practice pulling even less desirable sets, so we were doing it, but I was putting minimal effort (nearly none).  I was talking a little as possible, and just half directing them to go to this venue.  I might have mentioned the idea of going to Seagull's patio area, but I didn't really try to oversell it like I was supposed to do. 

When we got to the bar, the blonde stumbled in front of the bouncer so he wouldn't let her in.  I actually feared this might happen and if I really wanted the set, I would have lead the group and had my girl around the blonde to make sure he'd get in. 

Why didn't we do it?
First, the set wasn't that attractive.  I would have done the blonde in restrospect, but I somehow got stuck talking to the brunette.  Seagull later said he would have been more willing to hook up with the Latina, so maybe we should have gone for it. 

Second, it was too early.  I kept seeing all these attractive girls walking by when we were moving this set that I wanted to leave this set, but I a;sp didn't want to give up on trying to lead and venue change.  Had this set happened at the very end of the night, I might have tried harder to make it happen.  I would have lead the set to ensure they got into the bar.  If they didn't get in, I would have pushed to try to go back to the hotel with them or gotten them to come drink at Seagull place.  Instead, I let the set end.  I'm not too upset and still wonder if I would have been better getting the lay.  I think not as I ended up with better prospects later in the evening. 

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