Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just move the chains: NY set, Irish, and Haitian

Anyone who watches NFL football should know that Brett Favre is known for tackling the 2-minute drill with the attitude of just moving the chains.  The commentators always bring this up when a team is driving down with the game on the line and has just a short time to do so before the game ends.  The idea is that rather on focusing how you have to, say drive 80 yards in less than two minutes for a touchdown to either win the game or lose if you fail, you should just focus on getting the first down and "moving the chains." 

RSD has talked about this in pickup as "baby steps."  I mentioned how 2j reminded me of this  last week.  If I got lost, I just needed to focus on the next step to move the interaction forward. 

I realized that my thoughts with the several sets mentioned in the title could be solved by this philosophy.  I figured the probability was low of actually reaching the end zone, so I didn't even take what the defense was giving me.  Strangely, I have to admit now, I just decided to give up and settle for a loss rather than take a small step that would have continued my drive.  As I mentioned in the other post, I could justify losing the set forever early in the night, but not when the night is almost over. 

NY Set:
I'll just briefly summarize this set from Friday.  This set actually is involved in this idiot AMOG post that I'm going to make. 

Near the end of the night, I was at the after hours place after we ditched this Ohio set that we couldn't sneak in.  I was actually about to just end the night when I spotted this Snow White looking girl near the entrance.  I opened her.  Thinking back, my frame control and state were awesome in this set.  I know on other nights or with less confidence, I would have busted out with this girl from the start. 

I remember early on that when I introduced myself, she hesitated a second before she gave me her name, and I sensed she was messing around and giving me a fake name.  In a bad state, I would have left because she was messing with me, or not called her out on it.  This time I said, "Lol.  That's not your name.  What is that, your stage name?"  I'll add that I had strong eye contact as I was saying this and then she giggled and told me her real name.  I then told her she was a naughty girl and hip checked her and started dancing with her. 

She was in a 2-set and I couldn't get help from Seagull immediately as he had happened to open this redhead 2-set nearby.  I had actually contemplated for that set, but had gone for this girl instead.  Eventually, he did come in to help. 

As I mentioned, this miserable AMOG tried to start some shit with me and it pissed off Seagull and the other two girls.  I had to get them all out of that bad state and plow through with positivity. 

Later, she told me she had to leave as they were getting up early for something.  She had told me what it was but I couldn't hear; it was just clear that they had something planned that required getting up early.  She told me basically that they had to get up early, then had one more night in Chicago, and we leaving on Sunday.  The way she said it, I could tell she was creating a number close situation. 

I knew she liked me.  Not only had she stayed in the set, but she had been having fun, and even made some guy nearby take pictures of the Seagull, the other girl, she, and I together.  She made the guy take two pics because the first one didn't look good. 

Here is an example, again, of where I didn't take the opening the defense had given me because I figured I wasn't going to complete the drive all the way (to go back to the football analogy).  Yes, there was a good chance she'd forget about me, or that it just wouldn't work out that we'd meet the next night, but there was a chance that we could meet up.  G showed that a me a few years ago when he got a lay from a visiting set by setting up a big group outing for 3 of us and his target and two of her friends the following evening after he met a girl.  I guess I'm doing some sort of ego protection by just not taking the number here and that was dumb. 

I'll give myself credit for at least not giving up there.  I told them I could walk them to the hotel.  The girl had mentioned she was grabbing a cab, so I walked out with her.  She had said as we were walking out, "You're gonna walk us to the cab?" 

I threw out a food idea, but she wasn't hungry.  She then ran across to try to catch a cab and this is where I hesitated and just let the set end.  At that point, I just have just tried to get in the cab instead of giving up at that moment. 

Irish and Haitian set:
It should be obvious how I used the same mistaken game plan to let these sets end permanently, rather than continuing them.  As I mentioned in the actual posts about the sets, at the very least, I would gain experience, and I need more late game experience.  With the Irish girl, there was an even higher chance than the Haitian set for something to happen, but I just ended the drive.  I need to learn to stop using low probability as some dumb justification to protect my ego. 

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