Saturday, June 1, 2013

A pull if it were not for bad logistics

I'm finally getting around to writing about the Sunday before Memorial Day.  As I'm about to go to bed, I'll keep this short.  I remember that Sunday was the day I wrote about where I felt liberated by taking action.  Writing this now, I find it amazing that I had that peak and then a few days off meant that Wednesday and Friday (last night) were back to too much time in self doubt and hesitation.

Anyway, I got into this set at the end of the night.  I just started talking to this girl and we were just able to keep talking.  Seagull tried talking to the friend, this tall blonde who was a total bitch.  I use that term sparingly because I understand why women often have attitudes when getting opened at the bar, but this girl was just in a horrible mood.

My target was staying at the tall blonde's place along with these two gay guys.  My target and the two gay guys were from out of town and were flying out Memorial Day.  The flight was like 5 hours from when the bar was set to close.

I have to give myself massive credit in that I kept trying to get her to leave with me or find ways to try to solve the logistics.  I suggested we hang out after closing time and she said I could go over but she had to ask the bitchy friend.  Of course, the friend wouldn't let me come over, and on top of that, my target said there had already been some drama the previous night involving that bitchy blonde friend.  I guess the bitchy friend had a roommate that was yelling the previous night.

I tried offering to drive her to the airport, but her stuff was at the blonde's and she wasn't comfortable with that.  I tried suggesting we hang out at my place of Seagull place but the blonde wouldn't go for that either.

My target ended up number closing me because she said she comes and visits the blonde frequently (like every other month).  I didn't even want a number close as she was from out of town and, this is going to sound mean to some, but she wasn't good looking enough for me.  I lower my standards for SNL but if I'm gonna be bothered to set up a Day 2, I have higher standards now.

I'll close by saying that this was an example of how I need to be proactive in solving logistics and keep trying to make things happen.

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