Saturday, June 1, 2013

Going for hang out/after party instead of alpha pull

The other post was getting way too long so I decided to make an entry about the pull attempt.  The logistics were bad for this set.  This was a sure double lay if the set had been a 2-set with this chubby girl and Seagull's girl.  The problem was Seagull's girl lived in a studio apartment and three of the girls were staying with her.

Early on at the after hours place, I told Seagull that we should try to plant the seed for an after party.  This venue is perfect also because it's connected to a liquor store that stays open as late as the bar.

About a half hour before closing, we ended up outside.  The girls were tired.  I again suggested, "We should grab some beers at the liquor store and have an after party."  Seagull just stayed silent and his girl said they were tired and were just going to go to bed.

I told Seagull it's like I threw him up a pass in the end zone and he didn't even try to jump up and catch it.  The after party might have been a no go, but Seagull admitted he had given up on the pull at that point.  He agreed that he could have been more enthusiastic about it.

The girls then said they were going to take a cab home.  I thought about how one of our wings has gotten many lays from offering the girls a ride home.  I always felt weird about it, so I never do it, and I need to change that.  On top of that, I saw that very wing put it into action one time around Thanksgiving when I was in a 2-set with him.  I didn't offer the car ride because my back seat was full of recycling, and I have that stupid issue with it.  I'm afraid they won't be comfortable with it.  Seagull said it didn't even dawn on him to offer them a ride home.

The girls got in a cab and I actually did a half effort attempt to get in the cab with the girls.  That was lame.  C for effort, I guess, but I know the proper way to try to get into the cab in that situation.  Seagull thought about it too but didn't try.

Alpha pull:
Seagull was trying to get the girl to leave with him and I told him that he was using the wrong method for this situation.  His girl was hosting the other girls and there's no way she's gonna ditch her friends who are staying at her place.  I told him he should have been pushing more for the after party at her place and I told him I figured we were on the same page for that plan.

When we discussed this, I realized that I hadn't even tried the alpha pull.  I just assumed the move was the after party and staying with the group.  My girl might have been willing to leave the group; I don't know because I didn't even think about trying that move.

I need to practice more pulls so I learn to get this stuff right. I can be happy that I pushed through what had been a shit state and at least got some results.  Now that I'm seeing how I act more confidently with girls I'm not as interested in, I can see how I just have to act the same around the girls I want.

A lot of guys can act more confidently around girls they aren't into, but I feel like I'm coming from a different angle in my game.  It's hard to explain when I'm about to go to bed here, but I want to say that I see with a new clarity lately that I didn't have in the past.  I can see my outer game (what I was doing with this girl on the dance floor opening) and my state of mind (my inner game at the moment).  I feel like I can duplicate that now that I see myself in such clarity.  On top of that, I already just did it briefly Wednesday with girls that were my type (cute, thin blonde Irish girls) so it's not like it's going to be a big change of behavior.  A big stretch for me might be some tall fit blonde, but I can see a wide range of girls that I'm going to be more confident around and in the right state from now on.

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