Sunday, May 19, 2013

2-set where I'm the guy that the girl doesn't want to hook up with

I focused far too much on this 2-set that happened near the end of the 3am regular closing time.  I had broken out of my shell and made a few attempts that didn't go anywhere.  I walked away from one girl because  I wasn't that interested and didn't feel like putting the effort into a girl I didn't really want.  The second time, the set stalled and I just walked away but perhaps I should have kept trying.  In any case, it was near closing time and this guy that Seagull knew suggested we go to the downstairs bar area.  There usually are no sets there near closing time but I went down with them.

I opened this 4 set and that stalled and I gave up again.  As we were walking out, I saw this 2-set where both girls were playing with their phones.  I used this new opener I created yesterday.  I finally replaced that old TM506 phone I had and this phone has "Angry Birds" on it.  I had heard about it but never played it.  To be honest, I stopped the installation on this new phone because I'm afraid I'd like it, so I'm actually lying to the sets when I use this opener, but whatever.  When I see girls playing with their phones, I walk up with my phone in hand and say, "Hey, I want in on this angry birds tournament.  Hook me up with the bluetooth."

The 2-set was a short brunette and a blonde about my height who I found find out was horny as hell.  Guys who know me would be surprised I didn't pick the blonde, but this brunette was the type I like: she had really pale skin.  The blonde had a tan which I don't really like.  The Tyler looking guy that Seagull introduced me to came into the set to wing me.  I remember he spun the girl around and almost knocked my target over.  Within a few minutes, he was making out with the girl.

My target told me that her friend was wild tonight.  She said that blonde had let some guy finger her on the street.  Fuck, why did I not choose her, is what I've thought at times in hindsight, but I also think there was probably some way I could have made this happen.

Then again, maybe this brunette and I just weren't compatible.  I'll discuss that more later.

It was near closing time, and the Tyler guy suggested grabbing food.  Prior to that, I had told my girl about after hours.  My girl was a bit reluctant so then the two girls decided to go to the bathroom to discuss things. Seagull and this other wing (I don't know his screen name but he's a guy I met years ago through Seagull and Herschey) had gone outside because they thought this pull was gonna happen.

When they went to the bathroom, the Tyler guy and I discussed our plan.  I knew that my girl wasn't that into me and I figured they were gonna come out and say they had to go.

This situation really triggers negative emotions in me.  My negative side wants to identify with that pattern of me being in a 2-set where my friend/wing hooks up with the girl and my girls is not interested in me.  That happened several times last year including that Slovakian beach Day 2 with Nintendo.

I feel so shitty when this happens because it reminds me of the old AFC days where other guys get girls and I'm always the guy that the girls don't like.

I know this isn't true now.  Yeah, I've had some bad situations with 2-sets where my girl didn't like me, but I even think of that Willow set with Nintendo where his redhead just wandered off, and the girl I was stuck with wanted to fuck me.  Then, I try to still be negative by saying that girl was fat so that doesn't count.

No, I know sometimes it just doesn't work out for the other guy.  There have been countless sets where some girl liked me and the other girl didn't like 2j, Nintendo, or whomever.  I actually just typed that I've never been in a set where I was the one who hooked up and my wing with his girl didn't, but then I truly got to see how part of me is just trying to be negative.

As I typed that sentence, I remembered that first SNL I ever had that one New Years with Seagull.  We pulled a 2-set to his place and I hooked up with my girl and his girl fell asleep and he didn't get laid.

Bottom line is I have to stop trying to identify with this negative pattern.  So what, this girl in the 2-set didn't want to hook up with me.  I might not have been able to change that.  What I should have done was get more physical early as I wasn't kinoing enough.  She did like me at some point, the eye gazing was there.  I was hoping they'd come to the after hours and more verbal game would have hooked her, but my kino had been week for this point of the night.  My girl wasn't ready to hook up with me as we had just been talking so of course she told the blonde she didn't want to go home with us.

Yeah, the honest truth is that the girls knew that if they left with us, they were agreeing to hook up with us, and my girl wasn't ready for that.

Oh, and in closing, I just thought of this set I had with 2-j at Kincaid's last summer.  It was during this week where I had a kiss close several days in a row and was trying to go to after hours with this set.  There was a guy, three girls, 2j and I.  His girl wanted him but it seemed like the guy knew 2j's girls boyfriend of something because she made it sound like nothing could happen because of the presence of that guy.  My girl was ready to go to the after bar with me.  I should have just gone with the set, but there is just another example where I"m not the guy holding up the close so again, I cannot justify identifying with this negative situation.

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