Sunday, March 28, 2010

Venue changed 2 hotties in 2 mins, but stalled out on dance floor

..This was one of those nights where I both amaze myself and frustrate myself. I kept telling myself, though, that I have to give myself some credit. I went out by myself with no wings and had a blast.

Sidegames and I went into the city. We ate at this restaurant called DuChamps on Damen. It was on Chicago magazines list of the "Top 30 Burgers in Chicago." Duchamps is also a Rewards Network miles restaurant so I was excited to try their burgers. We had an 8pm reservation but it took almost an hour to get our table. Sidegames was pissed but the hostess was very apologetic. Finally, the manager came and I got a free beer out of the deal. My original plan was to catch the fight at Bourbon Street but since we got out of dinner so late, I decided to just try to hit this place in Lincoln Park that was showing the UFC fight. I got there just as the Mir-Carwin fight was starting. It was $10 cover but I decided to eat it since I wanted to see that fight live and the GSP fight.

I had two beers and enjoyed seeing Mir get his head pounded in. I gotta watch that again. After the GSP fight, I went to take a piss.

Hot 2-set:
I figured early on that I wouldn't be sarging at this bar with the fight as it was mostly guys. There were some girls but they were all in groups with guys. I figure not to many girls go to a bar that's showing a UFC fight. As I'm walking to the bathroom, though, I see this seated 2-set. I tell myself that I'm going to open them before I leave.

When I come back, some dude is talking to one of the girls. It figures. I go right in and start talking to the unoccupied girl. I decide she's my target (hereafter "HBpale"). I bet most guys would think the other girl is hotter. She had darker skin, though, and HBpale had pale skin. I love pale skin. Perhaps, my choice of targets lead to my demise later.

I amaze myself by how easily I open many sets. Sure there are some girls that were cold to me tonight, but many sets open right open like this one did. The dude is occupying the friend so I'm focusing on my target but he stalls out for a second. Naturally, I get introduced to the friend. The friend (hereafter "HByellow" for the dress she was wearing) is moving to the music. I tell her, "You look like you want to dance. There won't be much dancing here as you can see. This place next door is great because it has a great upstairs area that is basically one big dance floor."

She replies, "Cool, let's go."

Lol. I was surprised how easy this was but I kept my poker face. I smiled and agreed. They started gathering their things and the dude opened her again. I was already thinking that I needed a wingman so I tell her, "You should bring your friend over there."

She blows him off and tells me, "I told him he can meet us over there."

I lead them two bars down. Luckily there's no line. As I write this, I think I should have had these girls arm in arm so it looked like they were with me. It would have DHVed me to the bouncers for the future but it doesn't really matter.

I suck at dance floor but at least I try...

I suppose the title of this section is what I get out of what happened. I lead them to the middle of the dance floor. HByellow puts her purse down and they put their coats on top of the purse. I start moving to the music. We start dancing around the stuff. HByellow is a good dancer. She knows how to move her hips and do some cool moves. HBpale is just moving back and forth with the same moves like most girls do. I'm a little hesitant to start dancing with them for the usual reasons. I don't really know what I'm doing. I see HBpale is kind of rubbing her ass on this dude behind her so I start getting close to her. I press my body against her briefly and then back off and dance around our centerpiece.

Suddenly, this natural shows up and starts dancing with HBpale. Damn do I wish I had some moves. She's into it and he's grinding on her. HByellow is just dancing by herself so I figure I might as well start trying to grind her. I get up close to her and she's fine with it. I have to say that I find it really awkward to dance face to face. I find it easier to just come up behind the girl. I put my hands on her waist and move along with her hips and the beat. I get my body close to hers so her ass is grinding on my crotch.

As I'm grinding on her, I watch the natural with HBpale. RSD Ozzie's right that it's shortcut to kino as I see her kiss him.

I think the guy is trying to get his friend in so he can get me out of the set. I see him pull so guy over and but doesn't come into the set. The natural guy eventually pulls my girl and starts dancing with her so I grind on HBpale.

Eventually, this dude disappears. I tried a few times to move them to the bar so I could run some more verbal game but I'm really lost. First, I have no wings. If I had any of my wings, this shit would be so on. Next, this natural has some moves and runs circles around me on the dance floor but then he disappears so I'm still stuck with a two set.

I was wondering where you went:

After a bit more dancing, HByellow makes it known that HBpale wants to get off the dance floor. HByellow asks me, "Where do we get a drink around here?"

BTW, as I was driving home and as I'm writing this, I can see the matrix so to speak. The title of the section is a line that should have clued me in real time instead of recognizing what was going on after, when it's too late.

I lead them downstairs, but maybe I should have lead them to the quieter bar area upstairs. They stop by the bottom of the stairs. I try to sell the downstairs bar area but HByellow tells me HBpale just wanted some cool air. I tell them how we're gonna appreciate this cool air in two months when it's 90 degrees. I try again to get them to come to the bar but HByellow says they are fine. This bouncer starts telling us we can't be standing by the stairs. They say they want to go dance. I lead them upstairs again.

As I'm walking on the dance floor, I stop and talk to this brunette with glasses. I opened her and there seemed to be some possibilities there, but I left right away because I didn't want to give up on this two set. I catch up with my two set.

I tell them, "Hey, there you are. I was just cheering someone up over there."

HBpale says something like, "I was wondering where you went."

BING! I should have realized then that she liked me. It all makes sense. She jumped right on the venue change. When things stalled out, she's the one that gave me the opportunity to take control by asking me where the bar area is so I could lead them.

I still want HBpale:

That's what was going on in my head at the time. For a few moments, I think, "What the hell am I supposed to do here?" I'd picture Tim saying that you do what you want to do when you think that. We started dancing around the purses again. This time, I didn't take long to grind up on the girls from behind. I'd dance with one and then go to the other one. Of course, some random guy shows up. He starts dancing with HByellow.

She shows her crazy side. She motions some girl over so she gets sandwiched between the new guy and the girl. Meanwhile, I'm just grinding on HBpale. She seems cool with it, but I tried a few times to turn her around so she'd face me but she resisted that for some reason.

On a sidenote, I tried some escalation but again I didn't really know what I was doing. I remembered what my friend told me a few weeks ago. That's when I was dancing with this hot blonde with peach pants. I remember my friend said when you're grinding on the girl from behind, you need to start breathing into her neck. I did that a bit but I found it hard to do.

Did a screw up?/Reflections
I don't even know what happened but suddenly HBpale starts walking away. This was a few songs after we had come back. This whole time, I had done a good job of believing things were on and proceeded accordingly. This time I lost confidence. Instead of following them, I just let them go. I looked for them later (like near closing time) but they were gone.

As I reflect on it now, I guess I shouldn't have given up at that point. I could have followed them, or I could have looked for them sooner. Still, I think it's obvious now that my mistake was keeping HBpale as my target. Yeah, HBpale was more my type but it's not like HByellow was fat or ugly. I'm serious when I said most guys probably would have thought she was hotter. As I did grind on both of them, I can say that HByellow had a much firmer body and nicer ass that HBpale. I guess I just failed to adjust on the fly and I was overwhelmed but what was happening.

Oh, and wings would have helped... They were busy so at least I got out there, had fun, and tried my best to make something happen.

Naturals on the dance floor:
I gotta give that guy credit. He escalated quickly with HBpale on the dance floor. These fucking naturals run circles around me on the dance floor. It's funny how the guy just left though. He probably is suffering from the problem of not being a closer. He kissed the girl but if he wanted to get laid he needed to stick around.

It amuses me that I own naturals in some ways. I can open girls when some might be hesitant to do it. Also, naturals don't steal girls away from me like the used to. I'm sure it can still happen but I'll tell you that guys don't come into my sets anymore, at least when I'm not on the dance floor.

One day, I want to figure out dance floor escalation. I believe it can be a tight part of my game. I'll blow the set open like I did today. I'd bring the girls on the dance floor and escalate. Pull them off and talk more and pull them home.

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