Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raging brush fire state & Margarita girl

..What happened with the 2-set was frustrating, but I didn't give up. I remember being all sweaty from dancing and going to the bathroom. I washed my face off and dried my face and walk out. As I'm walking along the hallway, some brunette was walking with a guy and she looked right at me and said, "Hi!"


That's what I thought when it happened. Now, I realize that I must have been in the "raging brush fire" state as RSD calls it. It was the physical exercise from dancing so much and grinding on two hot girls. I was just in that zone where the girl saw something attractive beaming from me that made her want to open me.

I opened a few sets that didn't go anywhere. Then I opened this mixed 3-set with two girls and one guy. They knew each other from Indiana University. The cute brunette was giving me huge IOI's. We were having a good conversation when a big group of friends showed up. I met this cool guy who just moved to the area with Kansas City. I talked with him and went to meet the two girls he's with. The set stalls out and I end up leaving though perhaps I could have went back in and worked that brunette but she was talking to the new friends.

Colorado blonde:

I met this cool blonde from Colorado. We had a good conversation. I thought it was on. The only mistake I think I made was I again was hesitant with the kino. Well, I did a little bit but I remember we were having this moment of deep understand with something I was saying. I put my hand on top of her hand. She seemed fine with it but then I pulled it off. That was weak. I do that too often. Thinking back, I should have put my hand on top of her hand. When she didn't resist and seemed comfortable, I could have transitions to holding her hand. I would have been holding her hand and looking her into the eye as we had that moment and it would have been more powerful.

She was in this big set, but I had a little bit of isolation with her as the other friends were talking. I guess I should have moved her to the bar. I did a few half effort moves to get her to come upstairs but it didn't work. I should have just told her to come to the bar and say "I want to show you something." Since we were still at her table though, a friend showed up. They started talking. I joined in the conversation but I could feel like I had lost my moment.

Another problem with this set is that she was leaving the next day. That's another reason I should have isolated faster and escalated faster. I was moving in slow motion here when I needed to be in fast forward. I tried one more time to get her upstairs but she told me they were going to find some other friends and "maybe they'd find me up there." I knew it was a blow off. This set had some possibilities earlier but I hadn't sealed the moment.

Margarita girl?:

I went right upstairs. This was when I decided to see if the original 2-set was still here. They were gone unfortunately. I figured that was the case. If I really had wanted to find them, I should have done so way earlier but I figured I'd at least make some effort. I was walking by the window area when I spotted this tall girl. She's not hot but she has a cute face and I like taller women regardless. She was a little bigger but not grossly overweight.

It's funny. I opened her and then we started dancing to some some right there. We were basically just dancing in front of each other. I talked some more. It looked like she's with two girls who have guys with them. I never quite figured out their stories. Early on, this dude tried to bust me out. I got introduced to a guy and girl and the guy tells me, "She has a boyfriend."

I just blew it off and kept talking to her. We talk about dancing and she said, "Why do you go show me how to dance over there?"

I feel dumb writing this now because the girl suggested the isolation move when I should be the one trying for the isolation. We danced in front of each other. She seemed to get really into the Pitbull song that has the lyrics "Uno, dos, tres." I tried getting up close to her and putting my hands on her hips but she seemed to be uncomfortable with that so I backed up. I guess it was because I should have gotten closer and closer. Then, put my hand on her shoulder, grinded a bit and then put my hands on her hips. As I'm writing this, I can picture that PlayerSupreme dance lesson video on Youtube. (BTW, I'm going to watch that again before I go to bed so I can learn something for next time.)

A Madonna song came on that she didn't like. I noticed this and used it as a reason to isolate her. I told her I want to go to the quiet bar area. She hesitates but I had finally gotten into the right alpha state at this point. I grabbed her hand and started leading her in that direction and she followed. (As I'm writing this, I recognize that is how I need to isolate girls. No more half effort, "Do you want to go upstairs?" I know that's wrong but I kept telling myself to isolate and then I'll blurt something out so I feel like I made an effort. I know that I need to wait for some high point in the conversation, and then just lead the girl like I lead this girl.)

I see an opening on the couch. I sit down and tell her to sit by me. She starts telling me that she needs to be by her friends. I tell her, "Don't worry, they won't leave behind you. We'll go back soon."

We talk for a bit but then she insists on going back and hanging out by her friends. I take her hand and lead her over there.

Let's get margaritas & Missing the moment for the kiss?
We chat some more by her friends. I tell her I want to see her again and decide to number close her. She seems like she does want to grab a margarita. She didn't know her number off hand so she grabbed her phone. I programmed my number in there and called myself so I'd have her number. It's funny, but I had forgotten her name so I had her spell it into my phone.

We talked some more and dance a bit. The lights then came on since it was closing time. I put my arm around her and told her that I really enjoyed meeting her. In my head, I was thinking that maybe I should make a kiss move. Her friends were making out with guys so she probably wanted to kiss. I hope I didn't screw up by missing my moment. Thinking back, I was looking into her eyes. I probably should have stroked her face and kiss her. Instead, I decided to go for the hug kiss. I hugged her. I then pulled back and looked into her eyes. It's felt right to kiss girls before at that moment, but it didn't feel right here so I didn't do it.

No, the moment was before that but maybe all is not lost.

I did try to venue change her. I felt her out for after hours or food. I put the suggestion out there but I didn't really sell it like I should have. I guess I failed to be a "true closer" as RSDHoobie defines it. I did just throw it out of there instead of hyping up the after hours place and really trying to get her to come somewhere else with me. Her two friends each had a guy so it might have been perfect for me to move them all somewhere.

I can blame it on lack of practice or whatever, but what I definitely need to take from this is that I need to be alpha and give a full effort all the way. I'll remember that Sunday night when I go out with G. 412

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