Monday, March 15, 2010

Drunken sarging: Reference experiences and a silly sarge

I wanted to get drunk on Saturday to celebrate St Patrick's Day like everyone else. I'm glad I did it as I had fun. I didn't pull but my wing did. I helped him out by being cool enough that she was comfortable riding in the car with both of us.

I'm starting to realize that I now sarge drunk worse than I do sober. For awhile, drunken sarging was giving me better results. I suppose being slightly buzzed might help sometimes, but I don't think it does. On the other hand, Saturday night, I was really plastered.

Opening a set twice and not realizing it:

Here's an example of one of my drunken follies. I opened this 2-set. I opened this 2-set late in the night and I could tell the drinking had affected my game. First of all, I'd have trouble remembering some things as I'm talking. I remember I couldn't think of the name of a movie one time and a restaurant this other time. Next, I could tell I was doing something different drunk because I was getting busted out quickly. I opened this set and a minute or two into the set, the one girl starts giving me the hint to leave. She says, "We haven't seen each other in a long time and we were having a private conversation." That doesn't happen to me often and when it does, it happens on the approach and I can usually plow through that. I probably could have stayed in set if I gave some DHV stories but I left.

I opened some other set near the front of the bar. It's going okay but the girl I'm talking too isn't that attractive and I don't feel like it's really on. Suddenly, I see this redhead and brunette sit down at this table next to me.

I say to the redhead, "You must be popular today with the red hair."

The girl giggles and smiles. The brunette says, "Don't you remember us?"

I thought about it and I honestly didn't think I had ever met them before. I figured they remembered me from somewhere so I said, "No. How do you know me?"

The brunette replies, "We were just sitting over there," and points to the table I had left about five minutes ago.

"Seriously? Lol. Why did you move here?"
"We wanted a better table."
"Wow. I must really be drunk," I said as I stumbled away.

That was crazy. Obviously, I was too drunk to be gaming properly. There were two lessons here though. First, it's funny how it didn't even matter that I had opened them before and sort of been busted out. The redhead smiled when I opened them again. She probably wanted to talk to me as I would have gotten the annoyed look when I opened them again if she really disliked me. Second, I wonder if that was proximity IOI.

I feel funny writing that. I guess it's the inner chode in me that still wants to doubt myself. It's not out of the question that they'd move there so I might open them again. Even though I was plastered, it's true what TD says, "The self is always shining through." My attractive self could have been showing through the drunken stupor. Next, there wasn't much difference between the table they were at and the table they moved to. I actually thought the original table was a better location as it was in the middle area of the bar and a little quieter. A third piece of evidence is that the redhead smiled when I went to their table and opened them again. As I said above, if she were annoyed, she'd would have had a different look on her face. Fourth, I might have created some attraction through a jealously plot line with the new set. I'm sure the redhead noticed that I had gone into this next set. I walked directly to next set and it was only about three tables away from the original table and the second set was in clear view from the original table.

In the past, I wouldn't have believed girls would notice this, but I'm starting to believe. I think about that Valentine's Day set where the girl told me later that she had seen me talking to this other girl at the stairs. That was about an hour and a half after I opened her the first time. Second, I just listened to a this guy Brad P talking about club game. He says in clubs, you want to open sets and create attraction. Then you leave and bounch to another set and do the whole thing. He says the girls in the club will notice it and the girls you opened will see you opening the other sets. I concede it makes sense.

Reference material:
I think drunken sarging helps me create reference points. Alcohol does makes you lose some inhibitions. I've had some breakthroughs because I've done stuff drunk that I'd be afraid to do sober. After experiencing what happens, I realize it's not a big deal so I end up being comfortable doing it sober. For example, I made a big breakthrough with dancing while drunk. I'll get out on the dance floor even if it's empty because I don't care what people think or if they are watching. At this point, I've gotten so used to not caring that I don't even notice when people are watching me.

Saturday night, I created a reference point with giant groups. At our second bar, I remember going to the bathroom and spotting this cute brunette with glasses. Normally blondes are my type, but brunettes with glasses have been turning me on lately. I wanted to open her but she was in a giant group. It was like a big booth. You had to step up to the area. There was seating all along the back wall. The seating spread around the table. I'd probably be intimidated by this set while sober. It was a giant group. The only good thing was my girl was in the middle area so there wasn't any table blocking me.

I came out of the bathroom and walked right up and opened her. Even drunk, I knew every one was looking at me. I handled it like TD says is right. He describes the method for a coffee shop pickup. Everyone will be staring at you and the girl will notice it. You don't acknowledge it at all and just walk up, talk to the girl, and keep you gaze on her. If you do it right, TD says it looks like you know the girl. You also gain massive attraction as you give the vibe a celebrity does. You make it seem like you're used to people watching you and you have no reaction where most guys would get nervous.

The girl ended up being married but I was so glad I opened her. I think I'll be more comfortable with approaching a girl in a giant set in the future because I gained this reference point while drunk.

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