Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Drunken stupor: Kissed a married girl in less than 5 mins

..For most of Monday, I felt like shit from drinking too much. I didn't have a pounding headache. Instead, I just felt tired and a little dizzy. I started off at this birthday party. G and I drank copious amounts of sangria at this tapas place and then I had too many beers.

Touching some guys hand:
We started at Stanley's. I opened some sets but only had one longer set. I was talking to this girl when suddenly this guy put his arm around this girl. I didn't quite figure out their story. I'm guessing now that he must have seen me kino escalating and putting my arm around her. G noticed one time that I went to put my arm around her and I ended up touching this other guy's hand because I didn't realize it was there. The guy and I looked at each other weird and didn't say anything.

Dance floor game done better:
G convinced me to move to Division Street early. There were more people out that usual and some cute girls as we found out there was a Cosmetology convention in town. I was really drunk at this point but I still was coherent enough to remember most of what happened. I remember going out on the dance floor. There were three girls out there. Somehow I was dancing with this hot, short brunette. She was really adorable. I was grinding on her quickly. Her two friends were there so I pulled them in and started dancing with them. I guess it shows that deep down, I know what to do. When I'm sober, I just stop my self because I'm self conscious or fear what people think about me.

I must have been thinking too much about Saturday night because I then decided to get G's help. He was talking to some girl and I said, "Hey man. I need your help." He didn't want to come out so I found out later I grabbed his hand and pulled him out there. We laughed about that afterward but I didn't remember doing that. He started dancing with one of the friends and I went back to the brunette. He left shortly after.

I remember trying to escalate more with her than I did with the girls on Saturday. When I was grinding her, I started to blow on her neck and I kissed her neck. For some reason, I was chicken to actually turn her around and kiss her on the lips.

Kissing a married chick in under 5 mins:
This is where I went wrong, and I'm not talking in terms of morality though I'm sure many would have a problem with what happened. I'm talking purely in terms of game. It was on with that cute brunette and I should have tried to make something happen. Instead, I left the dance floor when the friends pulled her away from me instead of trying to win them over or instead of going back. Honestly, I would have gone back if the following didn't happen.

I see G talking to a brunette so I start talking her friend. It's this overweight blonde that's cute and who I found attractive enough to have sex with which is all that matters anyway. Being drunk, I don't remember what I said exactly. I remember her mentioning that she was married. Then, I remember a minute or two later being close to her face. I remember just feeling like it was right to kiss her and being totally drunk, I didn't hesitate and just went to kiss her. I remember that she was into it. I pulled back and then went in and kissed her again. She was a good kisser. We starting making out. I pulled back again and then went back in. I stopped again and I think she started to feel guilty because she said she had to go to the bathroom. She told me she'd be back. I didn't see her come back.


I think I remember telling G what happened. I thought about going back to the brunette but I waited for the blonde. Then G told me that someone stole his jacket. What a shitty night at that particular bar for G... He suggests we go to the bar across the street that's hopping place on Sunday.

This is when I started to black out. I remember dancing with this fat black girl near the end of the night. I remember the lights coming on and then my next memory is seeing G's couch and lying down. The next thing I know, I wake up on the couch. Then, I fall asleep and wake up and realize it's morning. I rushed outside because I knew I was in a tow zone and fortunately I was able to move it to a spot a few cars back that was legal and free for the whole day. I then went back to G's.

What I learned from G:

It's so odd for me to drink so much that I blacked out. I've only done that once or twice. I didn't even do that at New Years and I thought I drank more that night. It amazes me when G tells me that we were watching a movie for a bit when we got back. No memory of that. I then asked him what I was saying in the cab ride back because I'm curious what I do when I'm totally blasted. He said I kept rocking back and forth and saying, "Oh man. I think I drank too much," and "I'm really drunk!"

That sounds familiar. I heard similar reports from the few others times I've been overboard drunk.

I learned that we (that's what he says, but I say he did it all) venue changed a set from The Lodge to the bar where I blacked out. I remember we talked to a 2-set. I specifically remember him playing this bowling game where you use a puck. I remember talking to the friend but I don't remember moving them. I think he might have told them we were going to the other bar and we saw them there. I actually remember he was talking to some girl at the blackout bar. He says I was talking to the friend and the friend told him she thought I was cool. I totally don't remember that.

He actually said that if both hadn't been so drunk, we probably could have pulled them back to his place but he settle for a phone number.

"You inspired me."
I got a huge compliment from G. He hadn't really been sarging lately. I guess he had two regular girls for awhile that made him lazy to go out and then he felt bad after he lost them and that's why he didn't go out Saturday. He said that when he saw me out there opening sets and just having fun and not worrying or caring about the outcome, he said he got inspired. He forced himself to open a few sets himself. He also said being out with me that night has him excited about going out sarging again. He vowed to work on day game like he used to and to really work on his game. Besides, he's leaving for Afghanistan in a month so he might as well live it up and he shouldn't worry about girl rejecting him.

Reference points:
I don't want to drink again like this. I ended up not putting in hours on Monday because I felt like shit. I'm glad I had this night because I learned two things that are going to help me when I'm out sarging sober. I was more aggressive and confident in my dance floor kino. I think I'll do better the next time I'm dancing because I see I know inside what to do. I just have to not talk myself out of it and just be in the moment.

Most importantly, I got to see evidence for myself that you really can kiss girls faster than you think is even possible. Tonight was the fastest I've kissed a girl in a club. I've recognized times in the past when it could have been this fast or faster, but I chickened out. Recognizing this was the first step. Now that I've actually done what I know I'm supposed to do, I think I'll have more confidence that I can read the right moments and I'll kiss girls more often and faster.

This is the first time I've kissed a married girl too. Normally, I would have heard that and probably left. It's crazy that I ended up making out with her. It makes me realize that I must be really good at this for that to be possible. Also, if some married girl will kiss me, why should I fear that some single girl that I can feel is attracted to me is going to reject me. It makes no sense and I think I'll start doing the right thing and kiss the girls that I recognize like me. Lately, as I've said over and over here, I've been finding myself in situations where there girls bombard me with IOI's and I don't pull the trigger.

I really think Sunday night will end up being a big turning point in my game.

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