Friday, January 3, 2014

Notes and lessons for myself from RSD Jan 2 Free Tour with Tyler

I braved the cold and snowfall to make the RSD Free Tour with Tyler from RSD.  This was an example of how much free stuff RSD puts out.  Tyler usually speaks on random, usually advanced topics that come to his mind concerning pickup.  This time, he said he wanted to use notes to specially create a long talk of newbie material.  This is the type of thing they used to charge for: this is like an updated version of their old "Foundations" CD products from years ago.  The Free Tour usually goes for about 2 hours, but this one went for 5 hours.

Since I've been into the game for so long, I didn't need a lot of it, and like Andydufresne (who I ran into there), I started to get bored.  As a newbie, that stuff would have been golden.  Still, it's good to go through fundamentals.  Later on, there was good stuff there for advanced guys.  There were also some good parts that good me thinking about my own sticking points.

I wanted to make a post about it so I'd remember some of the important concepts.  Other than the 3-some advice, this is stuff I've already heard, or stuff I know I need to work on, and have been working on.  The talk, I think will help me to learn the lesson even better.

Find confidence in taking action and being on your path:
This is the inner game stuff I've been working on for the past few months.  I know I need to just find the confidence from within.  He talked about how you can't rely on being jacked to be confident as their is always going to be someone bigger.  If you try to rely on making money, there will always be some one richer.  You have to be confident in yourself for taking action towards your goals and persisting in your efforts.  You should be happy with the progress you make in life.

I've mentioned that working out has been helpful to me in this area.  Diet and exercise has been the only thing I've stuck with consistently the past few months.  The half marathon was such an inspiring experience because I got to see that training and suffering from the summer actually translate into running a good race and finding inner strength to run all out for the last two miles.  If I can just be consistent with pickup and my other pursuits, I will see the payoff there as well.

Also, I should be confident in that I can stick with my goals.  I don't give myself enough credit and I think too much about what I still need to achieve and/or my past failures.  I need to be confident because I have stuck with my weight loss and running for the most part.  Most people can't do it.  I have to think of all my other good qualities and be happy with them.

Girls are attracted to decisive guys/Not guys who put the ball in their court:
Again, it's not new stuff, but the talk got me thinking again and determined to do things properly.  When I fail with the hot girls or just girls in general, it's because I show that little bit of hesitation or I just don't lead.  Girls are hard wired to respond to leaders and guys who take action.  That hot girls won't like me if I go up intimidated by her or wanting her to give me a good response so I feel validated.  I'm supposed to be a man. I'm supposed to be the leader.  I should feel confident for the reasons I wrote about in the previous section and when I go in, I should be like a rock of strength.  My self worth should absolutely not be dictated by how the girl responds to me.

This is especially true when I have the determination to stick through and make changes that most people can't do in their lives.

The ball in their court is his analogy about how we screw up by waiting for the girl to respond.  He uses the early example of when you throw out an opener, and do it in a way where you are waiting for a response from the girl.  I think about how I screw up dance floor like this.  When I've had success on dance floor is when I'm out having fun, and I just start dancing by girls and then dance with them because I'm just having fun and do care about their reaction.  When I'm worried about getting rejected, or waiting for them to give me a positive reaction before I'll try to dance with them is when I screw up.

3-some advice:
The only advice I had in my mind about threesomes where the stuff from Jeffy in "Transformations" and the dual massage technique from "The Game."  Tyler gave a good section about setting up threesomes.  The basic gist that I remember is that you need to bring up this topic early on.  Early on, after I've hooked up with a girl, I need to just casually ask her if she's ever made out with her friends or done 3-somes with them.  You gotta get on this path early if it's going to happen and not try to bring it up later, after you've become exclusive with the girl.  One, she's not going to admit that stuff later if you haven't set it up early that you're open to that type of thing and won't judge her.  Second, it's not going to work if you bring it up after you've already decided to be in an exclusive relationship with her.

Sex is just the natural result of a fun night:
Tyler spend some time going over how girls like sex more than we do.  He also made me think about one of his videos where he uses the analogy of skipping to the end of the movie.  He said that for girls, guys trying to rush to sex is like a someone wanting to skip to the end of the movie rather enjoying the whole experience of watching the whole movie and then getting to the end.  The girls want sex, but they want to it to be part of an amazing fun night that ends up in sex because it "just happened" and she gets turned off if you try to rush to the end of the movie.

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