Sunday, June 15, 2014

March Update: Didn't get laid b/c their literally was too much stuff in the car

I kept saying I was going to update this.  I took a long break after my last post.  I went out a few times in March and then took more time off.  I had some adventures out of state and with Seagull that helped get me on track.  There actually were some fun times.  Even with my shitty skills (compared to where I was last summer) I had some opportunities to get laid that I messed up on.  That was frustrating but also inspiring, on one level, as it meant that even with shaky confidence and rusty game, I still could be attractive.

Comical how I managed to avoid getting laid:
There was a comical incident with Asian Cousin in March.  I wasn't really doing much.  I opened a few times (I'm talking like 3-4 maximum which is what I would do as a newbie).  Asian Cousin was in massive state and was just trying nonstop.  At the very end of the night, he opened these chubby girls and he shoved me into the back seat of a cab with them.  Then he and this other wing were trying to figure out who was going to hop in the front.  Asian Cousin finally just pushed the other wing back, closed the door and the cab drove off.

The girls had the cab drive them to a parking garage where their car was parked.  The girls tried to ask us to pitch in for the cab and we both looked at each other and said "We don't have any money."  One girl was frustrated and said, "It figures" and then paid for it.

I actually learned a good lesson from this set and I'm glad I'm taking the time to write about it now as it will help ingrain this lesson.  For a second, I felt awkward walking with them and in the past I could see myself just slowing down and letting them walk ahead.  Instead, I just walked with them telling myself to just act as it it were natural to go with them to the car.  They didn't object and just went with it.

I thought we were actually going to pull this set.  In the cab, and as we were walking, one girl said several times that there was no room for us in the car.  I thought they were just throwing out token resistance so I just ignored it.  Asian Cousin later said he thought the same thing.

When we got to their vehicle, we saw they were telling the truth.  They had this SUV, and they must have been getting ready to remodel as the back seat and hatch area was completely filled with shit.  We literally could not fit in there even if I tried to lay on top of the stuff.

We just said good bye and walked away.  As we did this, I realized we could have tried to figure out something else.  I was in a really bad state, though, and I couldn't do it and Asian PUA didn't think to do anything either.  It was too late when I spoke up and said we messed this up and should have figured out a way to go home with them.

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