Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fri: Free Beer Spilled All Over Me

I've been lazy about posting, but I wanted to record some of the past events of the past few outings.  The good thing about posting it now is that the entries will be short.

I went out Friday with Seagull and Asian Cousin.  Seagull has turned into flake with his new job, and despite his protestations at the end of this night, I knew in my head that he was going to flake on Saturday, and indeed that proved to be the case.  Seagull and I work well together, but I don't mind getting a new perspective form having a different character in the mix.

Asian Cousin got into a good set when he went to wing Seagull with this Brazillian set.  I guess he made out with the girl but couldn't go home with her as he couldn't get rid of the friends nor could he get her to do some sort of food venue change.  Seagull and I went off on own own after that.

I was pumped up that night and had build momentum from having gone out Thursday.  While my two wings were a bit hesitant to open, I was opening girls right off the bat and having a good time.  This is contrast to what would happen Thursday and New Years.

Despite my enthusiasm, I don't have any good sets, though I did end up with a funny memory.  I talk about how I like the randomness of going out and how unexpected things happen, things that I couldn't imagine happening.  On Friday, a beer was wasted, and it reminded me of a pleasant memory of spilled beer from a few years ago.  I was in the burbs with G, actually at the one of the place place I would end up this past NYE.  This girl ran into my beer and it spilled all over her shirt.  She wasn't even mad, and the crazy part was she ended up being really into me.  She was with a girlfriend, and it seemed like that girl was with a guy and was trying to hook up my beer girl with that guy's friend.  Beer girl obviously like me more, but the friend kept massively cockblocking me.  I just remember it was one of those nights where I just had extreme confidence.  I remember beer girl was dancing with the guy on the dance floor, and I came in on them and stole her away form him by using the technique where you start grinding on her, and on him, and then spinning her away from him.

I actually try to remember that moment in my head when I'm feel less than confident, or when I wondering how I can get rid of a competing guy, or doubting my dance floor game.  Sadly, I got rid of the guy that night, and I was dancing and grinding with my girl, and the the cockblock friend came along and pulled her away once again.

Friday beer spill:
I opened this girl who was sitting on a stool at the end of the night.  She had a nearly full glass of beer in one hand and was holding a can of beer in the other hand.  She ended up hading me the beer, and I started to sip from it.  I actually like cold beer and I planned on drinking a little bit of it.  I was doing one of my hardcore calorie cutting days so I didn't even want to drink the whole thing.  It was a light beer and only 100 something calories but when I'm in hardcore mode, I don't want to waste calories.

As I was sipping ,she started to lift up the beer so it would flow faster.  Apparently, she had wanted me to chug it.  I didn't want to chug it so I just slowed down the flow into my mouth, but then she squeezed the can and lifted it more.  Before I could react, the beer spilled onto my spirt and partially on to my pants.

I still giggle about this now because it was so random.  I also think in some way that it would have been funny if I had been pulled over for something on the ride home as the cop would have been convinced I was drunk from me stinking like beer, yet  I would have had a 0% BAC.

I wrote on my fitness log that I didn't drink the beer because I didn't want to waste calories.  Part of me wanted to justify that I didn't want to drive intoxicated, but one beer wouldn't have mattered.  We were still going to be out for another half hour to an hour and one beer would be processed before I drove.  It was like a twenty minute walk to the car anyway, so anyway you cut it, I would have been fine.  I just didn't want the calories.

My post in my fitness log prompted someone on the forums to ask me if I ever pondered if my food and pickup behavior is leading me towards a healthy relationship in both.  I actually have thought about the issue but haven't had the time to hash out my thoughts in posts here or in the log, but I plan on doing so shortly.

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