Friday, December 27, 2013

Enthusiastic street set blown in a dumb way

Thursday, I met up with a wing that I was hanging out with a bunch last year, but unknown to me was that he was out of the country for 6 months, and that's why he didn't come out all summer.  I'm gonna name him my Asian cousin . It's a little inside joke in that we'll say we are cousins sometimes even though we are different Asian ethnicities.  I text Seagull to go out, but he started working a few weeks ago and has been MIA.  2j is on a hiatus also.  I realized that I was just being lazy lately and I'd use their lack of desire to go out and justification to stay in, even though I knew I should be going out.

I told Asian Cousin that we should do a big Christmas time surge.  He happens to get two weeks off around this time every year apparently, so he was up for it.  He was willing to start this past Sunday, but I said I'd be ready Thursday.  Thursday rolled around and I was feeling lazy, but luckily he text me in the afternoon, and that was the little push I needed to start to be consistent here.

I could tell that my confidence was back in that I could just feel it.  Asian Cousin opened the first set and I winged him.  It was slow and he had isolated his target and felt it wasn't going to go anywhere so we decided to hit the other bars.  I opened shortly afterwards, and I was happy that I wasn't standing around a lot like the last time and not doing anything.

The other change was that I really was feeling the entitlement that Tyler talks about in some of his videos.  I'd see girls that were my type and I'd actually think, "Yes, this is my type of girl, I deserve this" instead of thinking, "I'm not good enough, I should go for a below average girl."

This is where my inner game is important for me.  Logically, I know that looks are superficial.  Of course, I want a hot girl like every other guy, but for me to even see a girl regularly, she'd have to have more than that.  Ideally, I want a smart girl, but at the very least, she has to not be an airhead.  Now, I even want a girl that's into fitness.  Basically, I'm now more picky, and I feel like I deserve higher quality, and I just feel more confident.

Unexpected street set:
It was a slow night and as we were heading to our cars, Asian Cousin saw a 2-set walking and said we should open it.  In my mind, I was already in the mindset that I was done for the night, but I gave a half attempt to open them.  You're not supposed to play out in your head how you think an interaction is going to go, but I figured it would just be the usual blow off that is highly likely to happen when you open a set on the street that's walking towards you and about to walk past.

The completely unexpected happened instead.  The girls stopped, and we were taken about by how enthusiastic they were.  To use my football analogy, it was like a receiver got so wide open on a hail mary pass, and then I just overthrew the receiver because I couldn't believe how wide open it was.  All I had to do was keep up the energy, tell them to come back with us to the bar we were at (which is where they were going).  I just had to drag my girl on the dance floor and escalate, and the bar was going to close anyway in like 15 mins, so it would be easy to either hit after hours or try to pull.

Again, we blew it.  We weren't prepared for their enthusiasm and we were too low energy and we didn't even try to do anything and just let them walk away about 20 seconds after they had stopped.

Blah.  That's what I get for being rusty, but I suppose it's a good sign of things to come soon.

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