Friday, December 27, 2013

Confidence is back and the lesson is consistency

I didn't go out last weekend, but last night was the start of a 10 something day challenge (well, with Sunday as a planned day off).  I'm going to make a post later about how a friend's workout laziness got me to call myself out for being lazy in my out pursuits in life, including pickup.

My workout and diet has been about the only thing I've been consistent and dedicated with lately.  I've finally lost the weight from the burn out in October.  Now, many outside the pickup community, and unfortunately even some inside, might attribute my newfound confidence to this physical transformation.  As I often write, logically and from experience, and I know and believe looks make no difference.  I'm a lot leaner than I was in Oct, but not that much more than when I was out two weeks ago and was feeling very self conscious.  The girls can't even tell, which clothes on, I look the same.

The change is two-fold.  First, I just feel good that I'm actually sticking with diet and fitness consistently, and I've recovered from that hole and laziness I dug myself into in October.  Second, it just feels good to get reinforcement that being consistent with pursuits will pay off eventually, even if things are brutal early on, especially after a long layoff.  I can see that I'll have some good races in the Spring and Fall if I stay on my program.  Even more importantly, I can see that if I just apply to my other pursuits, which includes pickup, then I'll similarly see the payoff in a few months and I'll be transformed.

It's not like this is just some wishful thinking.  I've shown consistency in the past in those pursuits and I had a taste of success in them, it's just that I just let myself crash.  Maybe it's psychological stuff, but often it was just that I decided to focus on something else that I felt was lacking.  For example, take a period where I just decided to go sarge everyday because I wanted desperately to fix that as fast as possible.

The answer, then i just for me to be consistent in all three of my mains goals right now and work on keeping them balanced.

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