Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fuck you beta male

Below, I've linked a Tyler video that has helped me a lot the past two days.  It shows in field footage of him warming up and ultimely getting some crazy results at the end of the night.  This is basic stuff but somehow I had forgotten this lesson of warming up through quick successive sets and plowing through the rejection to get into the right state.  I think I somehow had felt I should be beyond this which is dumb considering this really is what Tyler does to get himself into the right mindset after a full work week.

The clip right after the time frame linked shows Tyler being told "Fuck you" by a girl.  He explains that the girl literally did say "Fuck you" to him, and what she means is "Fuck you, beta male, you will not reproduce.  Get back in your hole!"  

I'm so fortunate that I saw this video on Thursday.  Friday and Saturday I finally got myself to start opening like I used to back in 2012.  I might write more about how I got myself to do that in a field report on Friday.  I'd also add that I'm fortunate that I saw this exact clip of Tyler being told "Fuck you" because this verbatim happened to me Saturday night.  

It's a pretty rough rejection but thanks to the clip I didn't feel as bad as I would have had I not see Tyler, one of the best, get a rejection like that when he was warming up.  I understand that I deserved to get a harsh rejection because I did a half ass approach and wasted her time acting like a beta male.  

Initially, the words stung for a bit but then I used this to force myself to do better.  As I'll explain shortly, I was later able to finish the night on two high notes due to this harsh rejection.  Strangely, I've been getting a ton of amusement after the fact.  I think it's my ADD or manic part of my brain that likes repeating phrases.  I keep giggling, even as I type this, about how I approached so badly that this girl told me "Fuck you."  I keep repeating Tyler's words above about being a beta male and getting back in my hole.  I even said in two later rejections, "Wow.  You're telling me, 'Fuck you beta male!  You will not reproduce.  Get back in your hole!"  

Street approaches and Improving my game:
Saturday night, Seagull and I spent 90% of our night working street sets.  We met up briefly with a new wing that Seagull met a few months ago who I will hereby dub "IsleRep" until I learn what screen name he might want to be referred to as in this blog.  IsleRep didn't like street game that much and kept trying to get us to go into the venues.  We went into one place with no line and ran out of sets right away and almost every other place had super long lines.  That was one reason we stayed on the street.  I'd also agree with Seagull in that it was especially enjoyable since it's a complete contrast to the winter time when we don't want to do much street game and there aren't as many sets to open.  He also added that opening like this reminded him of what were doing most in Vegas.  

I would add that I think street game is a good drill to improve my game.  I later said that if we went out Friday and Saturday, I don't think it would be ideal to do street game entirely both nights but I think it's great for improving our game.  Where we were doing street game, it was almost unlimited sets for a good 2-3 hours period.  I felt like the experience got me used to being an opening machine and it got me so used to getting rejecting and not letting it bother me.  My state fluctuated a lot but I was able to pull myself out of it and press on.  

Street game also is great at the end of the night because it is a great way to pull.  There are a ton of lone wolf sets where there is potential for quick pulls but that wasn't to be my destiny this evening.  
Now, Vegas would definitely be a lot easier.  When I was in Vegas, though, I wasn't opening like this.  If I pushed myself to open all day and night like I did this past few days, I'd probably get more lays that I could handle.   More drills like this will hopefully get me to be able to maintain this momentum for the next time I'm in Vegas.  

Two good sets to end the night:
I wrote that there were some a harsh rejections that caused me to doubt myself.  I did push through the state crash and kept trying to open more and do better.  I did have a few positive reactions.  Some were from average girls, and a few were from some really hot girls that I likely would have been too intimidated to open prior to Friday.  

One of the last sets of the night were these two blondes we say wandering around by Rock and Roll Mcdonald's.  One was in a bitchy mood and the friend said she wasn't enjoying Chicago.  She said she was visiting from Tel Aviv, but she must have been born in the states because she had an American accent.  Unfortunately, she didn't have the sexy Gal Gadot accent.  

Rather than respond to her negative frame that the friend was even apologizing for, I just plowed through with some positive energy monologues and I pulled her into my frame.  Seagull let the friend wander off which ended up ending the set when she got far enough away that this Israeli girl felt she had to leave me and follow the friend.  I was just impressed by how I got her to stop bitching and she was intrigued enough to listen to me and stay with me.  

As I'm tying this, I recognized that I probably could have given it and last ditch effort of walking with her to the friend and trying to reengage them both . Seagull had a flight to catch so we really were on our way to the car so it's not like I actually could have tried to plow this interaction into some sort of pull.

Hey Polish:
The last set of the night left me in a super positive frame.  We walked by one of the club sidewalks that we used to frequent years ago.  One of the clubs had a ton of Asians hanging around.  I joked that it was good that we don't come to this venue any more.  (For those that don't know, I'm of Asian decent but I'm more attracted to white girls: it's to the point were it's very rare that I want to open an Asian girl).  We were about to leave when I saw this tall blonde standing on this ledge on the venue's exterior wall.  She was taller than me, and she really towered over me by being on this ledge that was at least 4 inches off the group.  

I hesitated for ab out 15 seconds before opening.  I remember thinking, "Wow she's hot.  She's totally my type.  I need to open that."  Of course, part of me didn't want to for evolutionary reasons including fearing rejection, but I told myself that I needed to do this.  I knew I'd regret not opening more than any possible rejection I could get (and it would be hard to do worse that the "Fuck you" I got from that girl earlier).  I've been telling myself that I want to hook up with another tall girl like that hottie I pulled in Vegas in October.  The only way to really increase my chances is to try to open almost every tall girl I see no matter how intimidated I may feel.  

I made myself do the approach.  Something clicked in my head.  I knew she was really hot so I knew I couldn't do the weak approaches I did most of the night.  Ironically, I had said to Seagull at one point, "I know I'm being a beta male with my approaches as Tyler said, but I can't figure out how to do a proper alpha approach will full confidence and belief in myself."  I must have force myself to dig out my old memories of doing a proper approach as I did do it here.  

I remember watching a video a few years ago where Tyler opened a girl by saying, "Hey Polish!"  I didn't even if this girl actually was Polish, but she at least had the blonde hair and skin tone that a lot of Polish girls have that I find really attractive.  She turned out have an American accent so she was born here but maybe she was of Polish decent.  It's irrelevant anyway.  

I approached her.  I came at the correct angle.  Not dead on, but also not doing a weak approach from behind.  (On a side note, a Jlaix video helped me to stop doing weak approaches from behind where the girl can't see me coming or can't even be sure I'm actually talking to her.  When I was doing that, I knew it was a bad approach and I think that's why I'd do it.  It was a form of ego protection that manifests itself as me doing bad approaches so I could blame the rejection on that instead of actually putting my true self on the line).   This time, I locked eye contact with her as I said, "Hey Polish."  I did feel calm and centered and rather that use of my usual openers, I went with one I've seen Tyler use but haven't used much (and I don't recall ever using this line successfully).  I just said, "So, who are you?"  

I remember that she smiled and told me her name.  I think she might have asked me my name.  It was one of the best reactions I had tonight.  It's amazing how sometimes it is the hottest girls that give me the best reactions and approach anxiety often makes us all avoid these sets we find really attractive.   The girl that told me "Fuck you" wasn't even really my type and here I had a girl totally my type liking me.  Of course, I also accept that I opened with different levels of confidence and that's a big part of why I got certain reactions.  I want to reinforce the thought that I can get great reactions from those women I find super attractive and I need to make myself approach them as much as I can.  

I remember transitioning to asking how her night was going.   She said she was having a bad night.  I actually liked that response because I honestly felt like I could improve her night and I wanted to believe it meant she was more likely to be agreeable to a possible pull if I could do thing right.  Unfortunately, her phone rang right after this.  She answered it pissed off saying, "What?"  I bet it was some guy, probably a boyfriend bothering her.  I wasn't just going to stand there, so I made my usual wisecrack, "Hey, tell him he screwed up!  Tell him you found another guy... me."  

I ended up leaving because I didn't see how I was going to make this set happen and we had to start heading to the airport.  Seagull and I figured later that I could tried to initiate some light kino to see if she was comfortable with that while she was on the phone to test if I should persist through this phone call.  

In any case, it was a good way to end the night. I found that perfect approach and hopefully I can make more approaches in this manner in the future.

Guys pumping their state off me:
I just wanted to close by reflecting on this other incident that pushed me to do a proper opening.  These three guys were standing on the sidewalk.  Seagull opened a girl and got quick rejected.  These guys laughed at him.  Guys not approaching like to do that to pump their state and stroke their egos.  They like talking shit about us guys taking action to make themselves feel better about not doing anything.  The had seen that I was with him and one of they quipped, "Heh, look at his friend [it sounded like he was suggesting that it was funny enough to see Seagull, but I was an example of someone more pathetic trying to game girls]."  

I heard that and I told myself, "Okay you fucking guys.  Laugh it up.  You wanna pump your ego by laughing about how you think you're better than me?  Fuck you!  Watch as this chump do a solid open.  How are you gonna feel now that some loser you laughed at opens hot girls while you stand around unable to do shit?!"   

Right next to them was this cute tall girl that I found attracted.  As I approached her, I felt my state pump.  Now some of what I typed might not be the best way to frame things, but that type of stuff has always poked my ego in a way that leads me to take action in a positive way.   I opened her more confident that I had been in most of my openers this evening, and of course, she reacted positively to it.  

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