Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Path to Thriving: Being social in general

I had a good Vegas trip last week that I will blog about soon.  The trip has inspired me to get my game to the next level.  As part of that journey, I've been watching some youtube videos, mostly from RSD.  I can't find the particular video now but it was obvious that I was fitting his definition of coping in my life versus thriving.  I can remember him saying that someone that is thriving aims to bring positive emotions to an interaction, creates value, and the third thing was basically calibrating to the situation.

The lesson I learned is one that I said I was going to focus on last summer after having the horrible AMOG set in Atlantic City last year, and something that I've said I've wanted to work on for years.  This old PUA I met years ago named "Dahunter" had posted he made a New Years goal for himself one year to talk to anyone within arms length to him.

The point is that I said I should be working on joking around or at least being social with everyone I interact with in general.  This way, I'm focused on talking to everyone and practicing being social instead of just being antisocial all week and then trying to transform myself into pick up mode for when I go out.  Besides being practice, it also makes it easier to just open a hot girl when I'm out since it would just be normal to me to talk to people around me in general.

Part of what's held me back is that I like to stream a lot of things on my phone.  I enjoying listening to the pundits on the news channels.  I mean, I really enjoy it as I'd listen to the same points on five different shows sometimes.  This past week, I've said that while I should listen to it sometimes, I don't have to listen to multiple shows every day.  Rather than sacrificing being social for listening to the shows, I should make a point to interact with people.

I still think I should make the goal to be to do this more often than not.  There are going to be times when I'm tired and don't feel like doing it or just that it's not convenient when I get up to the clerk or something.  Rather than want to give up because I made an impossible standard of doing it all the time, I'll just say that I should make it the norm that I do this.

I had practice today.  I got to the poker room early and I hadn't been there in a few weeks.  I decided to talk to some of the players.  I've always done that, but this time I forced myself to talk to one of the female dealers.  I'm not that attracted to her, but I knew it was good practice for when I actually wanted to talk to the one dealer to whom I'm attracted.  This interaction made me realize how it is just more fun to socialize in general.  I enjoyed talking to this dealer more than I would have enjoyed listening to my pundit show, and it is good practice for the future.

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