Saturday, November 24, 2012

Late game practice

I went out Wednesday and spent 45 minutes standing around waiting for wings and not opening.  That was painful enough to motivate me later in the night and helped me a ton on Friday.  As the night went on, I opened more sets and started to feel that fun party guy wanting to come out of me.

The set of the night was with Crazyfoot.  He and Nintendo were talking to two girls and I could tell Nintendo didn't want the big girl that he was stuck with.  I came in and he introduced me.  This set would reinforce why  I need to practice pulling as often as I can.  Crazyfoot had been pushing going to this diner a few blocks away and with me working the friend and pushing for it two, the girls agreed to go.

In the diner, I had a bit of a crazy moment because the girls had went to the bathroom and were taking forever.  Literally, the waiter came by 4 times to ask us if we were ready to order, so I was entirely crazy.  I thought the girls had ditched us, or had come out of the bathroom and not seen us by the entrance and thought we ditched them.  I told Crazyfoot that I could just be overanazlying and overreacting as I often do when in late stage pulls where the girls might have disappeared.  I guess this is because I've been in several sets where the girls massively lose buying temperature and run off, or they get distracted by guys sarging them.

The girls eventually showed up just as Crazyfoot was calling his girl's phone.  She literally was picking up the phone to answer as I spotted them walking towards us.  We got a logistical block when a couple showed up that had been with them at the club.  Later, this Greek guy that wanted my girl showed up and started pulling her away from me.  At first, I ignored him, but she was drunk and into his attention.  Then, I started throwing out comments trying to tool the guy and his friend.  I suppose they were working because while I was talking, my girl, and the guys would listen and respond but as soon as I stopped, he'd go back into talking to her.

Finally, I text Crazyfoot to help me get rid of the guy.  He addresed the friend.  I then put my arm around my girl and said, "Hey, I'm getting jealous of all your suitors."  As I kept talking, she finally focused her attention on me.  Then Crazyfoot stopped talking to the guys and their food arrived, so they left.

That little incident bothered me at the time because I know that's gonna be even more of a problem with super hot girls.  At least I found a way to get rid of them.

Push to the end:
Crazyfoot deserves points for pushing at a point where I was giving up.  We left the restaurant and they had hailed a taxi.  We had talked about how we were gonna try to drive them home, but I had given up on this plan because of the other couple.  I figured the logistics were shot.  I should have remembered that you always have to keep trying and that sometimes there is a way to make it happen.  Never just give up.  He grabbed his girl as the couple was already in a cab and said, "Hey, why don't I drive you home."  She agreed but said not only was my girl staying at her apartment, but so was the couple.  Crazyfoot said he'd drive us all there.

Here's where we screwed up.  The drive up was too quiet.  Crazyfoot and I were in the front and talking a bit ,and the two girls were talking.  I said later that we should have been more fun and talking about the after party as we were driving up.

When we got close, Crazyfoot threw out a feel for going up to their place.  He joked, "Hey, do you have a bed for me?"  My girl said, "We don't even have a parking space for you."  That was just a statement of fact because the parking in her area is all permit.  I commented that it was a flat out no.  If they were totally against the idea, the response would have been different and harsher.

We got to their place, and I got out to let them out of the back seat.  My gave me guy and said she enjoyed meeting me.  Crazyfoot said he had wanted to try to go upstairs but he chickened out at the last minute.
It was on me too.  I should have been pushing and I knew that was the move.  I was hoping he would do all the work.

He was mad at himself.  I knew we fucked up but I wasn't too upset because my girl wasn't hot, and I can still hook up with her.  She likes me and responded to my text on Thanksgiving.  She also lives close to me.  The lesson, though, is that I need a ton more practice pulling because I need to get this skill down for the sets that I really want.

I just talked with 2j about the night and he made me realize that I already know how I have to push.  I've done it before.  I can't be too hard on myself.  The last few times have been really rough.  I've really had to soul search to try to find my PUA self that disappeared in the weeks of not going out.  I got pushed into a late game situation and I tried what I could to use the football analogy, I can't be made that I didn't win the game in the two minute drill when I haven't even been playing a good game the times I've been out lately.  

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