Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jumping back in

Jumping back in

Tonight was an internal pity party at times.  Then I remembered that I just got back into this last week.  I never posted a field report but I'm proud to report that I jumped right back into sarging.  I went to Wisconsin Dells two weeks ago and as I got ready to get back into sarging last week, I kept thinking about the cold water analogy.  The water in the wave pool felt cold, and there's two ways you can deal with it.  You can inch your way into slowly or you can just splash into the water and get it over with.  I remember that I kept doing the inch method.  I vowed that I wasn't going to follow that method when it came back to sarging. 

Seagull and I walked into Barleycorn.  He had to use the rest room and instead of stalling, I went right up and opened a 2-set.  I remembered that I opened it fine but then I stalled out and just left instead of plowing.  I got a beer and then I opened this other two set.  This brunette in the set seemed to like me.  I remember I stalled several times and she would keep the conversation going by asking me questions.  I ended up screwing up the set because I talked to this chubby Asian girl.  She was really cool.  We were having a great time talking and the friends had to come back three times before she agreed to leave me. 

That was a great way to get back into things and I kept trying to build momentum the rest of that night and the next day. 

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